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Shut up about your petty drama, this is what we need to complain about

If you haven’t heard about the mounting lawsuit against ‘Moose Diesel’ of Light Nightclub in Las Vegas, you need to.

You will no doubt see multiple points of view and tons of speculation….you will also see evidence surface and some very ugly truths.

At the heart of it all you will see bold-faced sexual harassment.

Because other more notable blogs have already begun to cover this story in-depth, I will be pulling from them rather than duplicating efforts. Let us begin:

“The lawsuit, filed by attorney Donald Campbell, was the result of a sexual harassment case experienced by his Jane Doe client after she applied for a table hostess position at Light this past January.”-White Raver Rafting

In clubs everywhere, you have probably seen the beautiful girls that walk your fancy bottle of booze to the table. You’ve heard they make insane amounts of money for their trouble and probably get their fair share of unwanted advances. But you’ve probably never heard this:

” In reading over these documents, it looks as if Moose Diesel wanting to get the plaintiff in bed. It details everything from being instructed to drink alcohol and take drugs with high-level employees (like Abdi and Sasson) while on the clock to the numerous sexual advances that Abdi is alleged to have made towards the plaintiff. This went from vulgar remarks and repeated suggestions for the plaintiff to touch Abdi’s genitals to forced touching of his genitals to an incident in a Light green room where Moose Diesel “forcibly attempted to perform oral sex” on the plaintiff… among other acts.” Do Androids Dance

Regardless of what you think paying customers may be entitled to, set that all aside and think about what you just read. Imagine dealing with the usual stresses of being a bottle girl coupled with your boss trying to coerce oral sex, forcing you to touch his genitals, and constantly berating you. I’ve said numerous times that slut-shaming is disgusting and wrong, so let’s analyze this:

  • You are expected to wear your uniform, in this case of bottle girls, it’s usually “sexy”

The whole ‘asking for it’ bullshit shovanistic argument is kind of moot point. I couldn’t tell you what the exact uniform bottle girls there wear, but knowing vegas and clubs…it was likely one that was anything but conservative. Not to mention, the only thing you should be expected to do is bring expensive alcoholic bottle from point A to point B. Maybe be nice too. That should be it. And it gets worse:


This is a snippet of some of the allegations. The full file can be found here

“…the charges, when listed completely, paint an even darker picture: “rampant sexual harassment, drug use on the property, assault, battery, creating a hostile work environment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, attempted workplace intimidation.”-Do Androids Dance

The big takeaway here is: this is wholly unacceptable. This is NOT ok. A female worker in any fucking field is entitled to fucking respect. That should be gospel, law, and commonplace practice.

The twitter-bound EDM community has plenty of time to kvetch and rant about drama amongst ourselves. Let’s collectively focus our attention on this abhorrence, and make sure this isn’t dismissed as the “same ol story” and put to bed behind closed doors.


Peace, Love, Unity, and Reinvention (Guest Editorial)

PLUR: It’s one of the biggest buzzwords circulating throughout the raver scene, and has been utilized across the scene as both a communal term, an ideology..and a key tool in marketing campaigns.

It’s been slapped onto shirts, hash-tagged, exclaimed by kandi-clad ravers at festivals, and is on the uptrend. While there are many efforts in the scene that claim to demonstrate ‘PLUR’, many of these fall short as they simply use ‘PLUR’ as an excuse for monetary gain, contrived purpose, and ultimately end in sloppy execution; often leading to more negativity surrounding their shortcomings.

Additionally, many who get behind the movement fail to understand the origins of the concept, or simply drop the facade once its core virtues no longer suit them. As a result, those who use the acronym are often met with disdain and annoyance from the more ‘clubby’ or ‘audiophilic’ crowd and regarded as the ‘dirty hippies’ of our time.

However in more recent efforts, the concept of PLUR has ushered in a new application that may help to fight the stigmatized ‘rave culture’: Charity.

With major acts like Avicii donating up to $1 million while on tour and donating 2 million meals through the FEED organization, Steve Aoki forming the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund to aid children in third world countries, and Insomniac Event’s Pasquale Rotella donating up to $115,000 to Las Vegas charities, there is more to the PLUR-spewing scene that initially meets the eye.

On a smaller scale, new events have begun to emerge that follow in the same footsteps carrying the same message: a quick Google search reveals hundreds of thousands of small Facebook events whose missions range from local initiatives to third-world outreach.

Among the vibrant (and ever vigilant) raver community on Twitter, small but tangible efforts range from rave bras to benefit charities to full-blown fundraising campaigns to benefit fellow ravers, friends, and family in need. Icons among the festival crowd like Lady Casa (formerly Molly Casa until a ‘clean the scene’ name change) preach acceptance and work towards inspiring others to inject more positivity into a largely snob-saturated atmosphere.

Though many club regulars, tech-house die-hards, and veterans to the scene may feel that today’s “kandi kid” PLUR-preaching scene is largely contrived, there is a tangible forward-thinking motive behind the movement that is hard to ignore. As the scene matures, It is my hope to see more ravers embrace PLUR in a more charitable way by reaching out to others in need: anything from sharing a water at a festival or attending a charity rave for a non-profit.

Instead of just slapping ‘PLUR’ on a shirt, organizers should try slapping the concept of PLUR onto events and partnering with notable (and honorable) causes which set forth to make a difference in the world. I’m not saying we need an ‘Electric PLUR Carnival’ in 2014, but I would gladly welcome events like Electric Zoo donating proceeds to the ASPCA and Nocturnal Wonderland partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation.

Instead of casting light on lingering the drug culture that becomes the main focus of media sources in reviewing events, I would love to see major events give back to rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and recovery efforts for any raver who may have found themselves in a dangerous situation at a rave.

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