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EZoo Homestretch

Electric Zoo is Friday. Don’t pretend like you’re not freaking out and losing your shit in your chair. I see you internetz.

You gettin those feels? I'm getting those feels

You gettin those feels? I’m getting those feels

At any rate, a considerable portion of my rave family is no doubt driving, flying, training, and running into New York for their chance to go buck wild and rave like rockstars. Some things you may want to do before you go full apeshit however:

  1. Easy as 1,2,3…A,C,E. Familiarize yourself with the Subway system & download the HopStop app if you have a smartphone.
  2. Secure Home Base. Check into your hotel and write down the address on a post-it. Your phone will die, and you will forget where it is. Also write down 2 numbers of anyone you know in NYC JUST IN CASE something goes wrong with the hotel and you need to couch-surf.
  3. Know the cheap spots. If you’re hungry as a hippo and leaving EZoo with an empty stomach (and a weakened wallet) do your budget a favor and locate the nearest cheap pizza joint (cough, 2 Bros Pizza, cough), Gray’s Papaya (hotdog stand), or halal cart so you can fill up on the cheap.
  4. Familiarize Yourself With Makeup Heaven. Ricky’s NYC is the best beauty shop in the city and has a buttload of locations. Make sure you hit them up if you need ANY last minute fixes (word to the wise, their brazilian spa clay is BOMBASS <3).
  5. Don’t hit up the familiar. If you have time to kill and arrive a few days early, DO NOT go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Try swanky (and same-price) coffee shops like Culture, Gregory’s, and Birch Coffee. Culture has THE BEST melty tasty chocolate cookies on earth, and Birch has a melty grilled cheese with fontina that will make your heart swoon.

AND FINALLY, TWEET AT ME! If you get here a few days early let me treat you to a “true NY dinner”… Chipotle.