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A Word on Those Who “Preach PLUR” and Practice Hate

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I’ve noticed an increase in negativity on Twitter; whether it be in reaction to the cancellation of Moonrise (warranted, what happened was a shock and a disrespect to the artists who were signed up to perform) or the outright vicious attack of others, there seems to be an increase in hypocrisy surrounding those who claim to ‘preach PLUR’ and then so adamantly drop the veil of acceptance to berate and humiliate others. Truthfully, it makes me sad to see that so many have turned against the true ideals they stand for in favor of petty argument and bickering. Not only that, but I’ve even seen a truly disgusting increase in outright muckraking by twitter handles that claim to represent blogs. I know I have been known to criticize producers such as Paris Hilton,, and Pauly D…but there is a fundamental difference in disagreeing with the musical styles they perpetuate and an all-out assault on them personally.

I understand that twitter is a platform built on conversation, and that not all conversations will be positive, but outright bullying of anyone within the EDM scene is fundamentally un-PLUR, and if you are viciously attacking anyone be it a DJ, Anon, or personal handle, you are not preaching PLUR. To be honest, anyone who knows the original origin of the saying that coined the phenomena remembers that the initial mention was in a threatening manner:

“You better start showing some Peace, Love and Unity, or I will break your $%^ing faces”

Initially yelled by at a rave where a fight broke out, this moment of clarity would inspire our neon-laden comrades to later on don the expressive and vibrant decor they wear now, and their mission to spread love and acceptance of everyone in the scene. I’m not saying I’m going to break your fucking face if you continue to berate others while “going through the motions” of PLUR, but I think its time someone informed you that you are perpetuating a blasphemy, a charade, and not truly embracing the Peace, Love, Unity, or Respect idolized by this generation.

PLUR is being the difference, not the opposition.

Introducing The ‘EDM Hangout Series’

Hey kids! With all kinds of amazing initiatives like ‘The Plur Project’ by Bad Kids Clothing, and ravers everywhere seeking to find and meet each other at festivals, I felt it was high time someone put together an easier (and better way) to hangout with all your favorite twitter handles….face to face!

How you ask? Introducing the EDM Hangout Series! I will be collecting emails from anons, DJs, and anyone else interested in one big happy love fest over the internet (it’s not scary I promise!). I promise with all my fuzzy heart I will try to get some of your favorite DJ/Producers to join in also! I’m still working on the structure, but the plan is this:

  1. Each week, set up a time to call and chat with ravers from around the nation/globe to discuss what’s happening in the scene. Meet your favorite anon handles (finally see their face) and maybe even discover ravers in your area you never knew existed!
  2. Availability permitting, meet and greet amazing local, national, (and if I work a miracle) worldwide names in the EDM series (my current sights are set on ETC!ETC! or someone of that caliber)
  3. Make lasting connections! If you can’t make it to a festival that your buddies will be at, meet some amazing people in your area that might be able to rage out with you at your next show 🙂

This might seem silly to some, but as someone who knows very few people in my city and often attends events by myself (seriously, alone) I think it would be great to become that much more connected to our happy raver family (one funny mass videochat at a time). I’m currently testing the best way to do this, and the best software to use. But to be eligible to participate, please email me at 

See you lovelies later ❤ ~The Hound