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PLUR Profile: Dirty Cat Designs

PLUR Profile: Dirty Cat Designs

All images are courtesy of DirtyCatDesigns, please do not replicate any of the patterns featured without Dirty's permission.

All images are courtesy of DirtyCatDesigns, please do not replicate any of the patterns featured without Dirty’s permission.

Starting today, I am going to be launching a little series called the ‘PLUR Profile’ which will highlight small businesses, individuals, performer/producers, or other notable members of the community who excel in their craft, give back to others, or who have shown excellence in their dedication to their customers.
It brings me great pleasure to kick of this series with none other than the infamous Dirty Cat herself,
the pony bead maestro behind some of the most daringly different kandi masks you will see on the festival circuit.


Gaining recognition initially for her original Cheshire mask,  Dirty began designing unique and complex patterns as well as hand-cutting her own signature teeth. A highly flexible artist, Dirty has even created new patterns to accommodate discerning patrons who seek a more custom experience, often making the original piece A standalone design after the pattern has joined the available options. Although users must pay for Dirty’s services, the investment is justified once you consider that these masks are her sole source of income, and much of what she makes is funneled back into her high-quality faux fur, crystals, and EL wire used to make these
jaw-dropping creations.


Dirty has made many creative dreams come true, and even repairs customers masks for free should they encounter any extensive damage. She works around the clock to execute shockingly magical designs, offers her unique teeth as a separate purchase, and even creates custom teeth and accents on request… all while planning her own wedding.

Yes, she even did a My Little Pony series

Yes, she even did a My Little Pony series

Normally, I don’t contribute to ‘send me to EDC’ requests because in my experience they are used as PR stunts, are improperly executed, and lead to resentment. However, I am asking my followers & friends one very conservative request: because Dirty is looking to secure funds for both her wedding AND EDC this year, I would like to ask anyone that is willing, to give her a bit of a hand. When Dirty opens again for commissions, I am asking that anyone who orders please leave a small tip to help her reach her goal of 2 tickets to EDC for herself and her fiancee.

For those wondering, yes, Lady Dirty was the mastermind behind the patterning, execution, and fruition of the current Ragehound 'hellhound' style mask.

For those wondering, yes, Lady Dirty was the mastermind behind the patterning, execution, and fruition of the current Ragehound ‘hellhound’ style mask.

Anyone who would like to
make a more immediate impact can donate directly to Dirty by setting up a payment by visiting her website.

Dirty’s masks are incredible pieces that leave a lasting impression, and are also built to last. Sadly, Dirty is only on Instagram, but I’m sure she would love a follow and maybe a shout.

If you think you know a person, small business, performer/producer who you think should be profiled, give me a shout at

-The Hound


Interview with Tyco

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.35.51 AM

At just 16, Tyler Guyton (aka. Tyco)  is part of a new wave of young talent entering the EDM scene. A producer, DJ, and local favorite in his hometown of Phoenix, AZ, the high school junior juggles schoolwork and sound production with ease. I got a chance to ask Tyler about his influences, his music, and where he is headed next.

So where did the name ‘Tyco’ originate? Tyler says he wanted to incorporate his name into his stage name, and the ‘Ty’ just  paired well with ‘co”:

“I thought of Tyco because it’s apart of my name “Tyler” & the co part came up because it fit just right.” Tyler Guyton

Drawing inspiration from House staples such as Tiesto and Laidback Luke, Tyler began producing just as EDM exploded into the American scene and house tracks began to appear on top 40’s radiostations. A devoted fan of Hardwell, Tyler hopes to one day master sound production and live performance and plans to attend Icon Collective, an alma mater of Protohype, MakJ, and various other successful DJ/Producers in the scene. Discovering music from Soundcloud, some of Tyler’s favorite songs he’s discovered recently are ‘Footlocker’ by Mightyfools and the Hardwell remix of Krewella‘s ‘Alive’. He describes his music as ‘Dirty Electro’, Tyler produces on FL Studio 11 and has most recently released his original mix ‘Bassgasm’ on Soundcloud.

He’s notably played at events such as Imaginationland, and is rumored to have a possible  appearance in Miami later this year, but Tyler says his ultimate dream would to be to play at Ultra Music Festival alongside greats like Hardwell, W&W, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero, Dash Berlin, Dyro, Krewella, and Porter Robinson. Tyler had just one thing to say about what he believes will be coming next in the EDM scene:

“Prepare for the new generation of bass music!” Tyler Guyton

When he isn’t producing, DJing, or in class, Tyler is an avid gamer.

Don’t forget to check out some of his work on Soundcloud!

Tyco is managed by We Run Society, information about them after the jump