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Vocal Spotlight: Power Femmes

While many producers do not rely on powerful lyrics to craft their uplifting and transformative creations, successful collaborations have enabled some voices to gain more recognition. Vocalists such as Foxes and Yuna have been put in the public eye with pieces like ‘Clarity‘ (Foxes vocal) and the Adventure Club remix of ‘Gold‘ (Yuna vocal). Trance powerhouse vocalists like Emma Hewitt and Nadia Ali have always been near and dear to my heart, but if it were up to me, here are some lesser-known power-femmes I’d like to be considered for future collaborations:

Ella Eyre


Boasting a soulful sound that feels almost like a Lorde blended with Lana del Ray, Ella‘s track ‘Deeper’ delivers the smooth pop feel that kept us captivated with Lorde’s “Royals” but feels spunkier and younger. While her tracks have be remixed here and there and she has collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Rudimental in the past, it would be a real treat to see her on a fresh and funky nu disco track.

Pia Mia


Breathy and beautiful, Pia Mia has the feel of Rihanna, but with a markedly more laid-back feel. Her track Red Love is like a playground for her impressive vocal tone and range. I could easily see her voice in any genre, and hope I see her voice nestled soundly in a Beatport top 40 track soon.



Now RES isn’t a new face in her respective genre; a punchy Brooklynite with a soul-filled vocal playground of a range, her voice has been the heart and soul of the group Idle Warship since the 2000’s. She straddles the vocal quality of a Lady Gaga and a soulful crooner. Her haunting track ‘Say You Will‘ produced by Kanye West has been a favorite of mine for a while. Though her voice has always been the perfect foil to the gritty rhymes of Talib Kweli, it would be a a real treat to hear her in an EDM track. I’d put money on her dominating most subgenres.

Chelsea Ronquillo


On the other side of the spectrum is Chelsea Ronquillo, a soulful warbler that I discovered on a complete fluke on soundcloud. Her original piece ‘Let Her Go’ feels like a dialed-down Foxes track with more soul. Though I’m not sure where her vocals would fit in an EDM collaboration, it would be cool to see her voice given a stage within an Avicii-esque ‘folk-EDM-crossover’ track.

Who are some interesting vocalists you’d like to see in upcoming collaborations?