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Track Spotlight:’Razor’ by ASTR



Perhaps its the 90’s baby in me, but when I first discovered this little electronic pop gem, I couldn’t help but spotlight this upbeat and sassy track by ASTR. The vocals remind me of one of my favorite feisty 90’s popstar loves paired against a more modern take on pop (post-Gaga of course). What it lacks in depth is makes up in pure fun.

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Track Review: Serpent of Old – Seven Lions

Ok, ok…I said I wasn’t going to review tracks.

The gorgeously creepy cover is just begging me to review it. So I am.

The gorgeously creepy cover is just begging me to review it. So I am.

But for a few unique sounds that sometimes thrust themselves into the limelight, sometimes I just can’t keep mum. Serpent of Old is one of those unique sounds.


Seven Lions’ latest original track ‘Serpent of Old’, featuring OWSLA vocalist Ciscandra from Nostalghia, is a nostalgic departure from what his fans have come to expect. Labeled initially as ‘moombahgoth’ on Soundcloud, the track seems to nod back to Jeff Montalvo’s personal favorites such as Opeth and a darker ominous sound. Instead of the familiar peaks and valleys of Jeff’s more familiar drum and bass hits, this track relies more starkly on gentle progressions coupled with incredibly creepy vocals.

Image courtesy of her linked page

Image courtesy of her linked page

Speaking to those vocals, the choice of Nostalghia’s Ciscandra was perhaps the perfect accent to what is already a dark track: her voice on this piece is truly is the stuff of nightmares. Fans of more industrial sound and experimental acts such as Grimes may be right at home, whereas drum and bass are advised to brace themselves accordingly.