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Rave Makeup Tutorials

Hey all! So I actually had several people ask me how I do my rave makeup in the past, but had never properly addressed it. Compared to most “rave makeup” tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube, the looks I’ve created never seem to be quite the same as these tutorials, and often appear (to me at least) more complex than the usual ‘slap on some gems with lash glue’ approach I see a lot of girls at festivals using.

An example of a much simpler look.

An example of a much simpler look.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think these simplistic looks are cute and perfectly fun looks to wear out. I just do my face differently; very differently.

I like to mix, match, play with eye proportions, and even bedazzle my entire eyelid sometimes

I like to mix, match, play with eye proportions, and even bedazzle my entire eyelid sometimes

So because people have asked how I create the bizarre eye looks that I do, I have decided to create a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching the steps I take when creating specific eye looks for both my kandi wolf-mask, white skull-mask, and classic wamcraft tribal print mask!

I will try to get the first tutorial up soon, but until then book mark this link:

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Preview: Tyler Sherritt at Rumor 8/23


After an eclectic set at Pacha, New York’s rising vocalist / producer / DJ will be taking his talents to Rumor Philly on August 23. With his track ‘Petrichord‘ to release later in the year, Tyler’s live sets offer a diverse and upbeat mixed bag of favorites and aggressive sound.

Starting his career as a singer / songwriter, many of Tyler’s musical choices rely on captivating choices of vocal-driven tracks paired with heavy bass and deep house sound.

What can someone expect at one of Tyler’s shows? High-energy, smooth transitions, and intelligent track choices from start to finish.


For more on Tyler Sherritt:

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