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Concert Recap

Delta Heavy & Sub Focus: Webster Hall & Soundgarden Hall


This past weekend I spent both Friday and Saturday night experiencing back-to-back aural paradise in the throbbing and emotional soundscapes of Delta Heavy and Sub Focus. While I profess I am a bit new to drum and bass, I had always found peace of mind and soul in artists like Seven  Lions and Pendulum and decided to immerse myself in a double dose of uplifting sound.

First, I went to Webster Hall in the company of some of my favorite New York Twitter family: EDMLounge, Naturday, and Jakee_and_bake*. After spending some time face-to-face we headed in and were met with wave after wave of emotion as the two English men filled the place with the best they had (I say two because only Ben Hall was present). As someone who used to attend shows alone most of the time, I truly feel that it is an immensely better experience to share these nights with people you love and trust. Some shows I had gone to as of late, I went with people I thought I trusted, and the results bordered on unpleasant, to sub-par, all the way to flat-out horrific. However singing along to Endorphins at the top of my lungs amid true friends and family, there was only bliss.

At the end of the night, shuffling in the bitter cold of New York I couldn’t wait to indulge in another night of fresh comforting feelings.

The next day, after a brisk trip down to Philadelphia, I prepared to enter one of my favorite venues to relive the experience all over again in the company of my boyfriend and two of his friends who had never been to an electronic concert. After strapping on some fluffies and positioning my new fangmask securely over my face we made our way in to Soundgarden Hall, to date my absolute favorite venue for EDM in Philadelphia.


Upon entering the venue, I knew immediately I didn’t want any distraction from my surroundings, and promptly dropped my phone into my checked coat and very nearly skipped to the front to catch as much of the opener as I could. Almost immediately Ronnie, or ‘schweet_tits*‘ as he’s known from Twitter, walked over and gave me a hug. Truth be told, we’d been trying to meet for months and had somehow managed to cross paths just on this special night.

As the night wore on and Delta Heavy took to the stage, and I quickly made my way to the front to watch him work. Our friends, wholly impressed by this new experience sought out a glover and giddily received their first light show and traded their first kandi. I began to meet and happily greet excited patrons to my left and right who were on the same level as we were. Everyone we met was jovial, polite….a far cry from what I suppose I’ve come to expect from most New York attendees.

Everyone I was blessed to meet and spend time with were incredibly nice...including Ben Hall of Delta Heavy who decided to hop down out of VIP to take selfies with the front row and say hello!

Everyone I was blessed to meet and spend time with were incredibly nice…including Ben Hall of Delta Heavy who decided to hop down out of VIP to take selfies with the front row and say hello!

As I normally do, I had created kandi for both Sub Focus and Delta Heavy, and as a cheery photographer for Steez Promo walked by I was shocked when she graciously offered to hand both kandis to their respective recipients for me. Ben Hall, after receiving his, hopped down out of VIP and took selfies with the front row. As he came to snap off a quick picture with my boyfriend and I, I leaned in and told him that I’d been at Webster the night before as well. He looked a bit shocked, and managed  “What? Really that’s awesome!” before the clamoring front row became too much and he returned to the comfort of the artist-only area.


As Sub Focus threw on Tidal Wave, myself and those around me seemed to slip into a place of pure euphoria as we all began to belt out the lyrics as one unified family.

Just before Sub Focus began to transition into his last song, I saw Ben motion towards the photographer and take the second kandi I had made for Sub Focus walk right up to him and put it on his wrist. Those around me knew I had made it and began screaming and pointing at me and I may have gotten a thankful nod before all of us began dancing our hearts out in unison.

The rest of the night was in a word, magical. Being in the company of such caring and compassionate people, performers who genuinely loved and cared for those who had come out to see them, and friends that genuinely cared about me and were kind enough to ensure everyone was having fun (and well-hydrated) two nights in a row really reminded me of why I began to come to shows in the first place.

It may sound cheesy, but it is these nights where you can tangibly feel the love and support of others, that you begin to identify who is really there for you and deserves your respect and support. Many have seen my Twitter account and overall presence transform from an immature nonsense anon account to a home base for meeting and engaging with others. As I’ve changing, developed, and grown as a person (and blogger, and sometimes-photographer) I’ve begun to see the true colors behind some who claim to be what they are not. Whether is was the pure positive energy of the vibes I felt at both venues and in the company of gracious and kind attendees…this past weekend changed my perspective for the better.

*I realize it may seem a bit odd that I refer to most people I know from their twitter handle(s), but when you’ve essentially made your introductions from behind a twitter handle rather than a name, you tend to remember the first name you were introduced to…in my case these were Twitter handles

Heaven’s Got A Plan For You

It’s rare that I’m pleasantly shocked.

But that’s exactly what happened: One follower offered me an impossible experience, one ticket to see Swedish House Mafia at their final debut at the Barclay’s Center. I’d never managed to see them before (cost and opportunity usually being deterring factors), and when one follower handed me a ticket and walked me into a sea of excited like-minded individuals, it was possibly the most succinct and tangible feeling of true ‘PLUR’ I’d experienced. I could aimlessly ramble about the electric emotion flowing through the stadium…or the fact that without speaking, the connection felt by everyone around…it was so strong, I opted not to even bother rolling…it just wasn’t even necessary. Instead, I want to give you a glimpse into one of the best experiences of my life:

May your day be full of love.

Don’t Worry Child, You Are My Clarity

I’m not even going to bother with pictures. They don’t do a shit’s worth of justice.

So I had the pleasure of seeing Zedd (finally) at Webster Hall on Friday…and cannot begin to tell you how worth the wait it was. Between the incredible lights, vibe, and crowd, I have to say this has been my favorite concert all year (this is, taking into account the fact I will be seeing Swedish House Mafia tonight with one of my favorite followers on Twitter).

Despite a few tiny setbacks,…i.e. a fat drunk man taking me out, rolling a teensy bit hard and overheating in the crowd, and being a zombie for the next two days after…the night was well spent, and I felt alive.

Sadly, my phone and my body…and everything…were too sweaty to full capture the mood and the show.

Thankfully, I was able to find different angles of the show from the fabulous interwebs community of YouTube

It should be noted, that the next clip…made the night. I am quite confident I made out to this song, and still managed to sing every word into some unsuspecting person’s face.

This could only made better by:

I do plan to tweet live from Swedish House Mafia tonight alongside @Rave_the_world….its time to have #OneLastRelease ❤

Generation Wild Recap

So as you may have guessed, Generation Wild lived up to its expectations (I am just now coming back to in today). Between the fire, aerial acrobats, incredible drop of Deniz’s new song Halo, and more bare boobs that most lesbians, I’d say I had a good night. Hi mom.

So um, let’s start from the top shall we?

So to start, I got an awesome new tank from the lovely Koalacore Clothing to wear (came in handy for sure) and prepared for what I thought would be a pretty standard Webster Hall show (if you read my Dillon Francis write up, don’t hate me, but you’ll know what I mean).

2013-02-16_21-17-09_845Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Mikael Weermets was a pretty solid opener. At this point the main floor was still pretty empty, not much of a vibe, and despite dancing with some already sloshed party-goers, it seemed like I was in for a pretty standard ride.


For all intensive purposes, totally normal. Also thank you Webster Hall for the picture. Its nice to actually find myself at shows.

After this, shit got weird (good weird, but really fucking good weird)

To start, dBerrie completely surprised me with his set: I’ve heard some of his work in passing, but clearly he is one of those ‘go see live, because out of context you aren’t going to get it’ DJs (there are plenty of those, I respect them, some of Dada Life’s stuff can be blah when you aren’t literally feeling bass). Opening with a pretty strong set, amazing visuals, I decided I might as well drop. It was the best goddamn decision I made all night.


Between the number of girls I made out to some solid dBerrie tracks, and the number of ravers that played with my spirithood, the mood pretty much skyrocketed once dBerrie got going. Probably my stupidest decision this year has been ignoring my friend’s pleas to go see him. I’m sorry friends, I owe you bigtime.

Then shit got really weird.


Pretty much, all I have to say is, Deniz Koyu live is like one big orgasm. I’ve been to EZoo, I’ve seen my hands-down favorite trance artist…and I’m a lover of trance…but I couldn’t even handle his entire set. On several occasions I just had to hug random people next to me and have them remind me that this was real life. It was that good.

There were no prissy brats shoving each other to get to the front, no one was recording video on an ipad…for once, I felt almost as if I was transported back to an indoor festival. It was at this point I noticed the tits. For anyone unaware Kirillwashere is infamous for taking pictures of tits; it’s his thing (in addition to more professional artistic stuff). So naturally when I glance over and see bra-less girls making out and wiggling around I had a moment of “Um?” I love making out with ladies and boys, and I’m not impartial…but amid the fire-dancers, silks-dancers (of which I got no photos, sorry) it was a bit odd. And then the champagne facials began.


Call me noob mcnooberson, but the only indication I had that the DJs had swapped set was from a sudden cut to brighter lights, and the appearance of several champagne bottles being unleashed on stage. I mean, I knew it was happening…but I guess when you’re rolling hard, dancing your ass off, and midway through making out with girl #4(?) it kind of takes you off-guard. If you need a refresher course on Kirill, here it is.

By the end of the night, I was skipping around the mainstage area hugging people, trading kandi at lightspeed (accidentally trading 3 no-trades…oops) and cuddling up to several boys that were thankfully my age (amen for black x’s). The rest of the night was spent skipping through New York in booty shorts, cat-calling people in a Starbucks, and waltzing into my shower where I promptly had a beer and passed out.

Wild, Achieved.

At any rate, my only actual ‘goal’ for the night aside from raging like a vicious animal, making out, and being a bass-loving whore (all achieved) was to give Deniz Koyu a kandi I’ve had with me for a while with ‘bongbastic’ on it. Despite failing miserably at that, I did manage to make one for Kirill, and am hoping if  send him his…he will give Deniz the one I strung up for him 🙂


At any rate, this puppy is gonna grab another beer. Nighty night!

❤ Rage