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A Direct Response Daily Beat’s Gianna

I have been a fan and supporter of various small music blogs since I started going out to clubs. One of my favorites specifically being Daily Beat, a Philly-run blog that has begun to beautifully evolve in both content and website construction ever since I began reading it.

That being said, it came with much dismay that I noticed there was an article on how to be ‘classy’ in a club atmosphere. I will openly admit that the ‘club’ (in the sense of models and bottles and VIP velvet) aren’t exactly my turf /stomping ground, but some of the points raised in this piece veered off from well-intentioned into outright rude. In some cases the train of thought derailed entirely and the cabin of unsuspecting readers was thrust into the ugly mouth of same-sex-sexism, or the unrelenting grasp of ‘slut shaming’ perpetrated by women.

Before I dive in further, it should be noted that while some pieces may point a finger and call authors of these “put on some clothes you whore” articles jealous and spiteful, I believe some  (but not all) of the points raised demonstrated that ‘Gianna’ isn’t one of those. To be fair, her suggestion that those that partake in illicit substances regulate themselves is a fair point…in safety (and perhaps class). Similarly, wearing heinous high shoes isn’t for the weak of ankle; I will concede that in that respect miss Gianna has a point: if you can’t walk in it, don’t club in it.

However from these positives I have to look a bit scathingly at the rest of this piece with utter dismay, and in no particular order of abhorrence:

3. It’s Better To Bring Two Girls With You, Preferably Two Who Aren’t Stupid B*tches Or Dramatic

While the actual content of this point is valid (go out with people you can rely on), the way it is delivered is wholly unnecessary. If I went out and something were to happen (for example I get hit by a rogue hand-heart, an unpleasant ex shows up, etc) I’d like to think I’m not being a ‘stupid bitch’. Life does happen, and while I agree that two besties are better than one…they don’t both have to be girls.

5. If Your Job Isn’t Related To Nightlife And You Find You Go Out More Than 3 Times A Week, Get Your Sh*t Together

With all do respect miss Gianna, I do go out 3 days a week sometimes (not always) but I feel that for a 24 year-old female I have my shit quite together. Your concern is charming.

8. If You Feel The Need To Incessantly Hook Up With Someone At The Club, At Least Hide On The Dance Floor

If you feel the need to judge people hooking up, I highly suggest turning your head 45 degrees in a different direction. If either party is not hooking up willing, perhaps instead of throwing shade, see if they are ok. I realize you paid good money to enter this club to enjoy the music and atmosphere all to yourself, but a little common kindness never hurts.

1. Stop Dressing Like This

This is what gets me angry, makes my blood boil, and incites rage: the author instructs her readers to smack the pictured blonde female ‘upside the head’ for her clothing choice. The female pictured is dressed scantily in a bodysuit. I suspect her consent was never asked for, and this picture is being displayed maliciously. Miss Giana continues on:

Yes, you’re going to a club/venue and wearing a sexy outfit is the norm. But oh my god someone please smack this girl upside the head. I am very sick and tired of girls calling guys pigs, because when you make yourself look like a cheap whore, guys will treat you like that. It’s human nature to judge people by their appearance, and as much as that can annoy me, I’ve come to accept it. I want to be treated with respect, so I’m going to respect myself and present myself in a classy way. I think the biggest downfall of our generation, especially females, is this mindset: “Times have changed. Women have gotten somewhere in this world and should not have to cover up their bodies. FREE THE NIPPLE (actual movement going on currently).”

I love that you respect yourself and ‘dress in a classy way’ but respect is something you EARN not DRESS FOR. Fair, so most women (presumably you) make the assumption that exposed skin is a sign of ‘trash’ of lesser worth or respect. You are correct, it is human nature to judge people by their appearance, and I personally think the woman whose image you’ve posted (likely without her consent or permission) appears to be confident in what she is wearing.

While I welcome you to pigeon-hole me into the ‘biggest downfall of out generation’ category for my often scant of cloth, I would say that your mindset is what is letting us all down. Openly shaming a girl you don’t know using a picture that you don’t own (and presumably didn’t take) to add a flair of self-importance to an otherwise flimsy meme-filled monologue.

I still love Daily Beat, but this is one piece that will leave quite a bitter taste in my mouth for some time.

-The Hound

Shut up about your petty drama, this is what we need to complain about

If you haven’t heard about the mounting lawsuit against ‘Moose Diesel’ of Light Nightclub in Las Vegas, you need to.

You will no doubt see multiple points of view and tons of speculation….you will also see evidence surface and some very ugly truths.

At the heart of it all you will see bold-faced sexual harassment.

Because other more notable blogs have already begun to cover this story in-depth, I will be pulling from them rather than duplicating efforts. Let us begin:

“The lawsuit, filed by attorney Donald Campbell, was the result of a sexual harassment case experienced by his Jane Doe client after she applied for a table hostess position at Light this past January.”-White Raver Rafting

In clubs everywhere, you have probably seen the beautiful girls that walk your fancy bottle of booze to the table. You’ve heard they make insane amounts of money for their trouble and probably get their fair share of unwanted advances. But you’ve probably never heard this:

” In reading over these documents, it looks as if Moose Diesel wanting to get the plaintiff in bed. It details everything from being instructed to drink alcohol and take drugs with high-level employees (like Abdi and Sasson) while on the clock to the numerous sexual advances that Abdi is alleged to have made towards the plaintiff. This went from vulgar remarks and repeated suggestions for the plaintiff to touch Abdi’s genitals to forced touching of his genitals to an incident in a Light green room where Moose Diesel “forcibly attempted to perform oral sex” on the plaintiff… among other acts.” Do Androids Dance

Regardless of what you think paying customers may be entitled to, set that all aside and think about what you just read. Imagine dealing with the usual stresses of being a bottle girl coupled with your boss trying to coerce oral sex, forcing you to touch his genitals, and constantly berating you. I’ve said numerous times that slut-shaming is disgusting and wrong, so let’s analyze this:

  • You are expected to wear your uniform, in this case of bottle girls, it’s usually “sexy”

The whole ‘asking for it’ bullshit shovanistic argument is kind of moot point. I couldn’t tell you what the exact uniform bottle girls there wear, but knowing vegas and clubs…it was likely one that was anything but conservative. Not to mention, the only thing you should be expected to do is bring expensive alcoholic bottle from point A to point B. Maybe be nice too. That should be it. And it gets worse:


This is a snippet of some of the allegations. The full file can be found here

“…the charges, when listed completely, paint an even darker picture: “rampant sexual harassment, drug use on the property, assault, battery, creating a hostile work environment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, attempted workplace intimidation.”-Do Androids Dance

The big takeaway here is: this is wholly unacceptable. This is NOT ok. A female worker in any fucking field is entitled to fucking respect. That should be gospel, law, and commonplace practice.

The twitter-bound EDM community has plenty of time to kvetch and rant about drama amongst ourselves. Let’s collectively focus our attention on this abhorrence, and make sure this isn’t dismissed as the “same ol story” and put to bed behind closed doors.