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Track Spotlight: ‘Jaguar’ by What So Not

What So Not

For this week’s spotlight, we’re venturing into trap territory (not bat country) with australian duo What So Not’s track ‘JAGUAR’. What really helped this track make the cut were driving vocals, and a more subtle use of signature ‘trap drops’ which is common for many of their tracks.

I’ll admit, I’m more of a newcomer when it comes to trap and am not as well versed in the finer points of what makes  a distinguished piece of trap…but this I like. Much of the group’s work has a strong use of female vocals and more euphoric-influenced feel. It’s something a little different and I like it.

To learn more about What So Not, follow them on social media:



**All spotlights are selected exclusively by myself, and I am not getting paid to endorse any artists featured**


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