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Track Spotlight: Kiven – ‘The Irony’ (Clinton VanSciver Remix)

Clinton VanSciver

I’ve decided that every so often, I will call out a new track I find particularly interesting as part of a spotlight series. This week, I’ve chosen to call out Clinton VanSciver‘s remix of  ‘The Irony’ by Kiven.

Distinguishing his sound as ‘dirty pop’, VanSciver takes an upbeat approach which feels reminiscent of Sub Focus‘s track ‘Endorphins’ featuring Alex Clare, but a slower pace (and with a markedly more familiar ‘pop’ sound). The track has interesting moments of syncopation, smooth injections of bass (that aren’t overbearing), and gives the modest original an entirely new attitude.

To learn more about Clinton VanSciver, follow him on social media:

**All spotlights are selected exclusively by myself, and I am not getting paid to endorse any artists featured**


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