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A Word on ‘Anons’

A while back I was talking to a fellow raver about the rise of ‘anons’ who were specific to EDM and positioned themselves as either figures of authority or paraded around as ‘celebrities’.

As someone who remains anonymous, but is not fully an ‘anon’ account (well I suppose technically I stay shrouded out of fear of losing my real job), I’ve always struggled to understand exactly what about these handles people dislike or show outward resentment towards.

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One of my friends Lisa, the voice behind the @Drunkmau5 handle (commanding a loyal powerhouse of over 19,000 followers) faced this resentment first-hand after her experience at EDC NY, her first festival…ever. Specifics, blame, and reasoning aside, I found it shocking how furious the community got over what was meant to be an act of kindness towards another. Despite whether I agreed or disagreed with the financials, details, or end result, I was in genuine shock at the outrage that surged forth from a community that tweeted ‘PLUR‘ half as often as they brushed their teeth or combed their hair.

The outrage I witnessed, and the hideous comments being flung at Lisa led me to wonder if anyone hated my handle.

Part of the reason I choose to be anonymous is not some mystique or prestige by feigning celebrity status. To be completely transparent, if the people I worked with knew what I wore and how I acted at raves and festivals, I would probably lose my job. The mask I wear has shapes that are difficult to reverse google image search (yes that’s a thing), and I mask my true eye shape with makeup techniques. It’s less an ‘act’ than a disguise I wear so I can rave all-out without fearing I might lose my job.

I suppose one could argue that the ‘better’ solution to this problem would be to dress ‘appropriately’ or ‘drop the act’ so that I can not feel ‘ashamed’ of associating my name with my actions. However as I’ve said before, ‘Ragehound’ does act as a sort of bottled-up variant of myself I keep locked down in my daily life. Unlike a Lady Casa, whose main profession is gogo dancing* alongside serving as a ‘patron saint’ of PLUR, the ‘Ragehound’ people see at festivals is merely an exuberant expression of myself feeling free until I have to become respectable in the daylight hours for my more mundane existence.

To be clear, I don’t view my ‘anon handle’ as a celebrity existence.

But that hasn’t exactly stopped people from regarding how I portray myself at shows and festivals with contempt and disgust. Some have lauded my views on fidelity and dating as being ‘slutty’ or crass and even accused me of using cheap tactics to acquire followers and attention (don’t worry trippyloner I haven’t forgotten your contempt for my joking ‘pasties’ tweet). Admittedly, I am a little brash in my interactions, and I do have a bizarre outlook on relationships and acceptance: I don’t have faith in traditional dating and consider myself to be largely polyamorous.

However, regardless of what nasty and unpleasant things you may have to say about me, I consider myself a lover more than a fighter. Even if you find what I have to say offensive, stupid, or otherwise hate my guts that is understandable, just know I will still peacefully love and respect you regardless.

No matter what you may think of anons or semi-anons like myself, understand that we are real people, just like you reaching out to find like-minded souls across the universe of the internet. I guess what

I was hoping to achieve with all this, is a polite request for those who slammed Drunkmau5, who bristle and fling hateful words at Lady Casa and other close friends of mine to remember that they are bullying real people, and to think before they speak.

*Apologies, in a previously published version I mistakenly said ‘exotic dancer’, Lady Casa is actually a highly-skilled gogo dancer. This is why Ragey cannot blog sans coffee!!


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