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Rave Makeup Tutorials

Hey all! So I actually had several people ask me how I do my rave makeup in the past, but had never properly addressed it. Compared to most “rave makeup” tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube, the looks I’ve created never seem to be quite the same as these tutorials, and often appear (to me at least) more complex than the usual ‘slap on some gems with lash glue’ approach I see a lot of girls at festivals using.

An example of a much simpler look.

An example of a much simpler look.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think these simplistic looks are cute and perfectly fun looks to wear out. I just do my face differently; very differently.

I like to mix, match, play with eye proportions, and even bedazzle my entire eyelid sometimes

I like to mix, match, play with eye proportions, and even bedazzle my entire eyelid sometimes

So because people have asked how I create the bizarre eye looks that I do, I have decided to create a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching the steps I take when creating specific eye looks for both my kandi wolf-mask, white skull-mask, and classic wamcraft tribal print mask!

I will try to get the first tutorial up soon, but until then book mark this link:

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A Word on ‘Anons’

A while back I was talking to a fellow raver about the rise of ‘anons’ who were specific to EDM and positioned themselves as either figures of authority or paraded around as ‘celebrities’.

As someone who remains anonymous, but is not fully an ‘anon’ account (well I suppose technically I stay shrouded out of fear of losing my real job), I’ve always struggled to understand exactly what about these handles people dislike or show outward resentment towards.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.11.19 PM

One of my friends Lisa, the voice behind the @Drunkmau5 handle (commanding a loyal powerhouse of over 19,000 followers) faced this resentment first-hand after her experience at EDC NY, her first festival…ever. Specifics, blame, and reasoning aside, I found it shocking how furious the community got over what was meant to be an act of kindness towards another. Despite whether I agreed or disagreed with the financials, details, or end result, I was in genuine shock at the outrage that surged forth from a community that tweeted ‘PLUR‘ half as often as they brushed their teeth or combed their hair.

The outrage I witnessed, and the hideous comments being flung at Lisa led me to wonder if anyone hated my handle.


*UPDATE* Molly and Muckraking: The Ugly Truth

*UPDATE – 11 Alive News May Face Criminal Charges For Unethical Reporting *


In the messy aftermath of various tragedies at electronic festivals and club events, mainstream media seems to be a unified parrot trained to squawk the word ‘molly’ in hopes of grabbing the attention of readers and scaring sheltered soccer moms everywhere. Despite DJ’s, festival organizers, and members of the community coming forward to speak out and stop the onslaught of scapegoating of the electronic music industry (and scene) it would appear that the mainstream has found a prized scapegoat to sink their chupacabra-like smear-campaign fangs into until they’ve sucked the industry dry.


It is not myth that drugs are present at festivals of all kinds, not just electronic. It is also not a myth that sober patrons of these festivals exist. When 11 Alive News decided to seek out patrons using ‘molly’ or drugs of any kind viewers witness the archaic and journalistically unsound practice of ‘muckraking’, as defined above. Where other reports spoke to the music, the partons, and went out of their way to present diverse opinions it would seem that the staff of 11 Alive willfully ignored the music, and decidedly opted not to show any patrons who were enjoying TomorrowWorld sober: A regrettably biased decision.

What shocked me most about the report was how focused the reporters were on montages of ‘Molly’ apparel (it should be noted, such clothing was publicly banned and should not have been allowed to enter the premises) and pestering anyone they met about if they were ‘looking for molly’ or ‘found molly’. The entire report almost felt like a set-up: no matter what the only concern these reporters had was that they ‘found molly’ and slandered everyone as thoroughly as possible.

That isn’t reporting.

That’s muckraking.

While the full written transcript made mention of ‘amnesty bins‘ (which they seemed unable or unwilling to locate) and bag pat-downs, it was clear that the author had little to no interest in anything but painting the picture of ‘yet another drugfest’ just like every other mainstream news source. What shocked me, is in the preview for the event where they spoke about preparations being made to accommodate the event, ‘molly’ wasn’t mentioned. Leading me to wonder if their insistence for harping on the drug’s presence was some weak attempt to keep pace with the demand to demonize electronic music across the country.

Curiously enough, there were no articles after the local ‘beer fest’ commenting on drunk and disorderly patrons, nor was their any mention of marijuana users at their local Midtown Music festival. Yet somehow, the clamor to hear about another drug-fueled concert scene to further demonize EDM gave them reason to go ‘undercover’. Thirsty for a chance to increase web traffic and scare the locals into protesting TomorrowWorld (more than likely the sheltered mom demographic), they pounced on an easy story and went out of their way to present a one-sided “this festival is only about the drugs” picture that made a mockery of the practice of journalism. This, my friends, is muckraking at its very finest.

Had they BOTHERED to interview a DJ, or talk to a sober raver, or even just stop for a moment to enjoy the waves of sound, a more unbiased and equally hard-hitting report could have taken shape. What a tragic pity.

Perhaps if they applied the same jaded lens to their stories about country music, hip-hop, and rock concerts (where I am CERTAIN ample amounts of marijuana and other substances can be found) I would be more inclined to take their article seriously.