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Taking A Stand: An Ultimatum

I wanted to gather my thoughts and take time to fully address this post’s subject matter before officially releasing the statements I am about to make. 

As you may know, in the past my posts have mentioned drug usage and how ‘wild’ I party. I don’t deny that I have used substances in the past, and may choose to use substances in the future (and yes, I count alcohol as a controlled substance).

In the past, I have started light-hearted, but in retrospect hurtful hashtags such as ‘#mollyslutting’ that have added to the problem; I will not in the future. Whether is be a metamorphosis or a mass retraction, I am shortly approaching the anniversary of the day I started @Ragehound. The first tweet. The first bandana. The first event where I was someone new, and could take refuge by an identity I constructed.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 7.48.50 PM

And as part of this ‘anniversary’ I have taken time to reflect on the music I love and the people within the ‘scene’ that I adore. And upon reflection I have decided to issue an ultimatum to DJ’s, to Apparel companies, and to other anons I associate with.

After Zoo and all the backlash the scene has been getting from the media (some clubs are being shut down, festivals are being postponed and cancelled, etc) I have been reflecting a lot on the perceptions that are being spread about the scene and how my contributions and the contributions of others are both positively and negatively impacting it.

As someone who does roll (sparingly, but nonetheless) responsibly, I feel that going forward ultimately molly ‘hype’ needs to be stripped from the music, clothes, and removed as the main focus of this scene. Having read what Brillz, Tommie Sunshine, and various other artists have had to say in response to the en-masse ‘drug-scare’ we are seeing, I feel that going forward  I cannot in good peace of mind support designs that openly ask if anyone has ‘seen molly’ or in any way endorse its usage (and in irresponsible hands, abusively dose and die). I also cannot support, endorse, or champion any DJ or Producer that uses their music to incur further damage on the scene by ‘hyping’ hard drug use in lyrics, stage callouts, or in their specific branding.

Last year, Electric Zoo incurred no deaths and like this year, I actively chose to ‘roll’ only for one set. The fact that 19 people were put into hospital and 2 were pronounced dead (one from ‘6 hits of molly’ allegedly) reads to me as a major warning sign that we need ‘detox’ our scene of this abusive hype and fast.

In the coming days I will be working alongside apparel companies who are ‘detoxing’ their clothing lines, and championing DJ’s and producers who are taking a strong stand on the hard drug abuse by removing songs glorifying molly from their sets and mixtapes. Clothing companies like Bad Kids Clothing and EDMRaveGear have complied and are removing ‘molly’ and hard drug references from their lines.

However apparel companies who refuse to remove harmful clothing, DJ/Producers who continue to hype hard drugs in their music, and anyone who continues to contribute to this epidemic will be losing my support in full, and not be included on the ‘whitelist’ I will release on October 31: the anniversary date of my first tweet as Ragehound. I will not release a ‘blacklist’ as that isn’t peaceful, loving, uniting, or respectful.

If you are a company ‘detoxing’ your brand, leave your details in the comments so I can add you as well


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