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That’s Enough: A Personal Aside

I’ve identified myself as ‘Ragehound‘ since October of 2012.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 7.52.24 PM

By no means a veteran raver, and less credibly an ‘authority’ in this space, I entered Twitter as a trained social media professional seeking an escape. Starting with a meager but loyal 30 or so fans, I’ve been able to meet incredible people who no ‘meetup’ group or ‘singles night’ has ever been able to accomplish. I now have 1,700 followers from across the country.

I’ve left behind those that clouded my discovery of music with a harshly biased ‘pro-euro, anti-American’ sound appreciation, and have had so many incredible opportunities laid at my feet as a result of reaching out honestly and earnestly with others over Twitter.

I come from a place where everything is quantified: social media usage is constantly examined for a return on investment, media connections are a means to a profitable end, and trends are tracked and capitalized on in efforts to ‘glom’ onto a successful scene.

And I’ve had enough of it.

I’ve had enough of fashion trying to spew out ‘rave wear’

I’ve had enough of ‘snobs’ telling me what I can and can’t listen to, or calling my taste in one artist over another bad simply because a few stylistic changes are good or bad(and no I do not mean those who have 0 talent whatsoever, that music is bad and I do not listen to it)

I’ve had enough of people telling me that because I do not DJ or produce, I have no place commenting on it.

For anyone still content on bashing kandi kids, putting their money towards ‘talent’ which has none, and showing 0 respect for anyone but themselves at raves: That’s enough. I will preach PLUR and appreciate all that the scene has given me in confidence and acceptance, but that’s enough. Go home, and take yourself elsewhere.

So help me god if I make a mistake tweeting out a ticket link

Or if I have moments of insecurity

Or if I fumble and crack because of how much pressure I’ve put on myself

I’m only human, and I’m really at the point where I’ve had just about enough.

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