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Snobbery; A Brief Rant

Firstly, sincerest apologies for the abrupt lack of posts (really). I got a new job and have been busy!!

Moving right along, I wanted to address a few experiences I have had recently that have given me reason to question ‘influential’ voices in the EDM scene and the validity of the acceptance they claim to represent. In several exchanges, I have been met with scrutiny, harsh judgement, and sometimes even spiteful comments about whether “I even have a musical ear” or am “just in the scene for drugs”.

To clarify rather bluntly, I am not in the scene purely for drugs. I enjoy a good mollyslutting here and there (i.e. loving everyone and rolling and enjoying the music and vibes) just as much as the next raver, but its not the sole or prevalent motive for going to raves and clubs. As a raver, I don’t think one should need drugs to enjoy the music, but if rolling and raving floats your boat, sail away sweet sailor.

As for the accusation of me not having ‘an ear’, I’d like to point out that I am very open about my ‘newness’ to this genre; I had been listening to Kaskade for almost 2 years on unmarked mixtapes without even knowing who he was…and still mispronounce ‘Borgore’ and ‘tyDi’ regularly! I’m not a ‘veteran’ by any means, nor would I ever claim to be. I run my handle primarily as a way to discover new music and friends. 

To that end, I consider myself to be in a period of discovery, so naturally I haven’t developed a sense of what I ‘like’ and ‘love’ as of yet. I can’t just toss on a track and in moments give you a yes or no answer to whether I like it: it needs to marinate like steak, not pop out instantly like a poptart.


I believe that every raver, clubber, audiophile, and EDM enthusiast is entitled to their own taste & opinion in music, even if that taste makes you sick to your stomach. I acknowledge that there are die-hard fans out there, and as much as his music reminds me of dead puppies, I will respectfully tip my hat to his fans for being steadfast in their support.


I’d like to hope as the scene evolves the ‘elitists’ of the scene will retreat to the underground, allowing those in the discovery phase to discover unscathed.


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