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Interview with Excerpt

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Jordan, aka ‘Excerpt‘ is a progressive house producer from Indianapolis, IN, a growing scene with an increase in dance music events, one of the biggest being Identity Festival. With his most recent EP ‘Beta’ accepted to Pandora, and available on iTunes and Beatport as of July 1, I was very excited to get a chance to speak to him! Before taking to the computer, Jordan was a member of a local rock band. However in the past three years he has begun experimenting with mid-tempo electronic and electro sounds to produce a more ‘energetic’ sound. Getting his first taste of techno through established names such as Daft Punk, and later delving into Wolfgang Gartner and Deadmau5, much of Jordan’s earlier work is ‘mellow’ and more down-tempo than his more recent additions.

Much of his musical discovery is attributed to Soundcloud, where Jordan has found himself stumbling onto releases by Monstercat Records and more ‘new disco’ sounds. Soundcloud has also been an effective tool for Jordan, by enabling him free and honest critique of his work by its engaged and willing community. Social Media has especially proved helpful in promoting his work and expanding his audience: with over 1,400 followers on Twitter and 150+ Facebook fans, Jordan has found that instant feedback has been a great help to him.

A self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’, Jordan is extremely focused on producing the exact sound he wants before releasing a track. Currently using Ableton Live as his weapon of choice, he says that he is currently building his skills in hopes of “trying to produce something new”. At the core of this ‘something’ is a discernible ‘kick + melody’ focus in all of his more recent tracks, especially those that appear on the Beta EP. His process begins with writing the drum track for each piece to create ‘the mood’ and rhythm he feels each sound should have. Although he has not currently played around with vocals yet (as he said, ‘next level stuff’), Jordan did mention that he would love to work with Foxes or any vocalists that appear in Kaskade’s tracks.

Where does he think EDM on the whole is going next? Jordan says that he feels the scene as a whole will ‘morph into something different’, perhaps forcing dubstep and trap into more ‘underground’ settings to make way for newer styles.

His advice to new producers?

“Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, don’t stick to a pattern because someone else did it. Create new genres and reach out to other people”-Jordan

When he isn’t producing, Jordan is an avid gamer, enjoying titles such as Skyrim and various first person shooters (his love first began with Legend of Zelda admittedly).

You can buy his Beta EP currently on iTunes and on Beatport on July 1!


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