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Interview with Excerpt

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Jordan, aka ‘Excerpt‘ is a progressive house producer from Indianapolis, IN, a growing scene with an increase in dance music events, one of the biggest being Identity Festival. With his most recent EP ‘Beta’ accepted to Pandora, and available on iTunes and Beatport as of July 1, I was very excited to get a chance to speak to him! Before taking to the computer, Jordan was a member of a local rock band. However in the past three years he has begun experimenting with mid-tempo electronic and electro sounds to produce a more ‘energetic’ sound. Getting his first taste of techno through established names such as Daft Punk, and later delving into Wolfgang Gartner and Deadmau5, much of Jordan’s earlier work is ‘mellow’ and more down-tempo than his more recent additions.



Umek at Rumor Philly Giveaway! 6/28

Come out to Rumor Philly to see Umek on June 28! I will be there with a special guest dancing the night away!

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Umek, is a dance-music composer and DJ from Slovenia, and is most noted for his fast mixing skills and his uplifting dj-sets. A pioneer in the space, some regard Umek as one of the Top 10 Techno DJs in the world. You may remember him from tracks like ‘Freak It Out’ and ‘Spank’, but one this is for sure: this is one show you do NOT want to miss!

To enter this contest, click this link!

Interview with Tyco

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At just 16, Tyler Guyton (aka. Tyco)  is part of a new wave of young talent entering the EDM scene. A producer, DJ, and local favorite in his hometown of Phoenix, AZ, the high school junior juggles schoolwork and sound production with ease. I got a chance to ask Tyler about his influences, his music, and where he is headed next.

So where did the name ‘Tyco’ originate? Tyler says he wanted to incorporate his name into his stage name, and the ‘Ty’ just  paired well with ‘co”:

“I thought of Tyco because it’s apart of my name “Tyler” & the co part came up because it fit just right.” Tyler Guyton

Drawing inspiration from House staples such as Tiesto and Laidback Luke, Tyler began producing just as EDM exploded into the American scene and house tracks began to appear on top 40’s radiostations. A devoted fan of Hardwell, Tyler hopes to one day master sound production and live performance and plans to attend Icon Collective, an alma mater of Protohype, MakJ, and various other successful DJ/Producers in the scene. Discovering music from Soundcloud, some of Tyler’s favorite songs he’s discovered recently are ‘Footlocker’ by Mightyfools and the Hardwell remix of Krewella‘s ‘Alive’. He describes his music as ‘Dirty Electro’, Tyler produces on FL Studio 11 and has most recently released his original mix ‘Bassgasm’ on Soundcloud.

He’s notably played at events such as Imaginationland, and is rumored to have a possible  appearance in Miami later this year, but Tyler says his ultimate dream would to be to play at Ultra Music Festival alongside greats like Hardwell, W&W, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero, Dash Berlin, Dyro, Krewella, and Porter Robinson. Tyler had just one thing to say about what he believes will be coming next in the EDM scene:

“Prepare for the new generation of bass music!” Tyler Guyton

When he isn’t producing, DJing, or in class, Tyler is an avid gamer.

Don’t forget to check out some of his work on Soundcloud!

Tyco is managed by We Run Society, information about them after the jump


My Distaste For Country Music in .gifs

Everyone has at least one thing they cannot stand above all other things.

There are many things I dislike but can tolerate to a semi-acceptable level (sweaty rude people, screaming children, and the word ‘moist’ being 3 of those things). However there is one quintessential kryptonite that makes me wretch, gag, and hiss menacingly at for years. I am able to accept most things and grin and bear even the most unsavory situations…but honestly country music isn’t one of them.

Ever since my family inhabited the behemoth state of Texas and I was subjected to hours of Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks something about the genre on the whole has given my ears the equivalent of intense indigestion. I don’t know whether its the excessive ‘plinky plinky’ noises in the old hokey country songs or the deep (and usually dreary) vocal warbles of the older male singers that set me on edge…or if its the lyrics which are usually a cheese fest (god, love, or otherwise, country music has more cheese than France).

For some reason it doesn’t seem to matter what country song comes on be it Blake Shelton or Taylor Swift, I will immediately get the same feeling one gets when about to vomit violently from a vicious whiskey hangover. Of all the songs that infest that infernal genre, one song stands alone as the ultimate hellspawn to my ears.

Though it technically might not count as a ‘country song’, ‘Wagon Wheel’ has been the single most traumatizing of stupid catchy ‘wheels on the bus’ level infectious songs I have ever had the displeasure of hearing (I actually despise all of Bob Dylan’s work). When in college EVERY HIPSTER AND THEIR MOTHER used it as the ‘pre party’ song before hitting the bars, and often would break into the main chorus drunkenly through the night.

My entire varsity sports team would sing it ON EVERY ROAD TRIP.

Karaoke bar suitors would use it as their trump card mistakenly thinking the whiney falsetto lines would magically drop my pants.

Teachers would hum it on the way to class.

Acapella groups on campus would do ‘super awesome’ (not super awesome at all) renditions of it with unnecessary harmonies.

It was the ‘It’s a Small World’ of my existence.

When I discovered EDM, I thought my days of irritating corny country lyrics, dreary country singing, and ‘Deliverance’ mind-jogging guitar picking were over. And then Avicii’s Ultra set happened.

And then recently his new track leaked. So in terms of Avicii’s future releases, if they continue to contain that hideous twangy cheese-riddled abomination known as ‘Country’…..well then. I’m done.

The Unicorn Project: Rewarding True PLUR

Sorry for the big fat lag in posts (OOPS!) anyways the last project I wanted to start does appear to have some kinks that I need to work out (video conferencing is rather tricky). However, I’m not letting that stop me, and I have one project I want to launch specifically for Electric Zoo participants!

I’m calling it ‘The Unicorn Project“, and here’s why I’m launching it: ‘PLUR‘ as a buzzword has been largely skewed since its inception. I’ve mentioned plenty of times where its true origins come from (but if you need a refresher, click here), and its inception came at a crucial moment when there needed to be a shift in the scene. With drugs references damning the scene and god only knows how many inaccurate protrayals of the scene as a whole, I felt I should at least try to offset it as best as I can. Icons who are already ‘battling’ these negative stereotypes like Lady Casa (changing form Molly Casa, to cleanse herself of the possible drug connotation) have made an impact, but I feel there needs to be a more tangible impact on a experiential level.

What It Really Means

PLUR when demonstrated doesn’t mean winning free stuff, getting discounts, rolling face on drugs, or even dressing up; on a more basic level the truest demonstrations of the concept are when a someone (even a complete stranger) gives you that last sip of water, helps you get to the font of the stage, or even helps you get home safely. It’s not about ‘partying with sluts’ or ‘freeing molly’…its truest manifestation is in the uncommon kindness of like-minded souls you may have never even met before.

Phase 1

The first phase of The Unicorn Project will be small-scale, very simple, and is intended to be a ‘test-run’ to see how people respond. My ‘testing ground’ will be Electric Zoo. What I wanted to do, was to create an undisclosed number of temporary tattoos with the specified design to be given to those (and only those) individuals that demonstrate what I personally feel to be true acts of what PLUR embodies. However, I realize that EZoo ends up confiscating anything they deem ‘promo material’…so that’s kind of out. Instead, what I will offer to do is draw the specific design onto anyone’s shirt/hat/butt/boobs/etc that wants it. I can draw in puff-paint leading up to the event per request for NYC residents (or anyone in the city before the event), and will (hopefully) be able to bring a sharpie or other drawing apparatus in the day of.

 I’m not asking for money, I’m not asking for sponsorship or recognition: I am just asking people to be decent to one another, for which they will get a pretty doodly design. That’s it. It’s not some big crazy contest, it’s just a small token of recognition. Down the road, I’d like to expand this little project to be more in-depth and cohesive, but on a small budget and a big dream, this is what I can do for now.

The Design


I wanted to create something that had significance to me, and unicorns have always been a favorite subject for me to draw; they may not truly exist in our lives but their elegance and grace has captured the hearts and minds of poets, artists, and many others for centuries. The particular unicorn I’ve chosen isn’t a pretty rainbow-and-butterfly design; It’s an undead unicorn, a stark skull with a crooked horn and a tattered mane. This is intentional, as I feel it represents the ways that this concept of PLUR has been misused, defiled, and desecrated. But skulls have always held a special place in my heart: they are beautiful in their own simple way, and serve symbolically as a basis for a fresh start (or fresh slate if you will) on which we can reclaim and refurbish the ideology behind PLUR. I didn’t want to simply write ‘PLUR’ on the design, it would be a disservice to the design on the whole. So instead, I chose a personal mantra that I live by daily, “True compassion never dies”. On my own tank, which bears the unicorn, I do not have these words, as they have already been internalized, but I’d be happy to add them to yours. To those who show compassion, spread peace, nurture love, foster unity, and show respect towards fellow ravers and first-timers alike, this will symbol (doodled as best as humanly possible on whatever you wish) be your small token of my gratitude.