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Festival Essentials: Clothing Basics


So we’ve covered the essentials for creating amazing eye-looks…so what else do you need? How about gear to wear? Some trends (for both women and men) involve lots of neon, dayglo, brightly colored fur, beads…you name it, it exists. So what should you wear at a bare minimum? Here are some suggestions:


For Men : Wear a light-weight shirt! Cannot emphasize how helpful this will be if you are in the middle of the crowd and sweating it up. Some great ideas? Check these easy and fun looks below:



Or you could just go shirtless.

For Women: Opt for breathability…in my opinion, I would avoid the dreaded pasties. Why? While having your boobies free to bounce might be fun, it’s better to be safe than sorry: if you let the girls out to play, your are that much more vulnerable to unwelcome stares and groping (unless that what you want). Some safer options? Go for a loose crop top, a tank, or a bikini top. I’d avoid sleeves, as you’re just going to sweat through those anyway:



For Men: I mean, for the love of all that is holy and sacred, please wear shorts. Speedos are just a bit too tight, and you’re not going to be a happy camper when you see what the girls are wearing. For that sake of others, no banana hammocks. Shorts will cover you enough and keep you cool. You should already own these.

For Women: Pretty much your bottom half is a free-for-all, and feel free to rock just about anything: skirts, shorts, booty shorts, bikini bottoms, brazilian bikini bottoms, tutus…and actually anything that physically covers your tush is fair game. The more conservative you go should be in line with your comfort level: if you’re going to brandish a thong and a tutu…be prepared for some outright brutal eye-fucking from those around you.

I hope this has been helpful! For more fashion options for the season, check out my Polyvore ❤

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