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Festival Essentials: Eyes

Festival Essentials: Eyes

As the great festivals of summer creep every closer, I felt it might be helpful to review a few key items you’re going to need (or strongly want) to complete your look. Unlike the bullshit products that traditional clothing lines try to shove at us, claiming to be ‘perfect for festivals’ I thought it would be much more worth your time to review items I have actually tested and can swear by. Additionally, I want to help steer you away from the misguided claims of boutique-y bogus brands that despite their best efforts, don’t make the cute. Here are some essential make-up must haves.


Eyeliner: The good, the bad, the ugly-after-5-minutes

  • Good: Maybelline NY Master Precise by Eye Studio Eyeliner, Ink Pen
     ($6)- I can solid, solemnly, and otherwise swear that this stuff won’t budge. Not an inch. I have used this highly durable liquid liner everywhere from New Year’s Eve Dadaland to Deniz Koyu Generation Wild to the occasional night I can’t remember a moment of. The only not-so-great thing about it is it is furiously difficult to remove. Get thee the strongest eye makeup remover on the market and scrub like a fiend….or just use a cotton ball and some remover to dab at the occasional drip and wear it everyday of the festival; whatever works.
  • Bad: Prestige liquid Eyeliner ($6)- Now this isn’t the absolute worst liner ever. The worst liner ever does argueably probably live on the shelf of a CVS or Rite Aid next to it (*cough*Wet ‘n Wild*cough*), but this thin running crap comes pretty close. The only positive of this, is it has fantastic colors…which will run all over your face in minutes. For a brand that has some pretty solid eye shadows… their liquid liner is little more than a sick joke. It will most likely last you a solid half of the first set, which may seem amiable…but so will any cheapo liner (except the next one). For the price you’d be shelling out, you’d be better to drop dollars on a cheap marker-style liner or the one listed above.
  • Ugly: Sephora Pantone Universe Liquid Liner in Emerald ($14.99)- When I first got this eyeliner I was extremely excited! I have happily sworn by the glitter liner and was more than excited to give this freebie handout a try. Initially, the color payout is HUGE: you get a very bold emerald color and it glides on easily…albeit a bit thin and sloppy. Now what wasn’t clear, was whether this liner was waterproof or not. That being said, I took care not to wear this stuff in the rain and didn’t think I got all that sweaty when I dared to take it to Zedd at Webster Hall. Within less than 5 minutes into the concert, I felt an awful stinging in my eye only to find that the stuff had melted down my face, into my eyes…and gave the effect of Aiden drinking werewolf blood on Being Human (that bad).

Mascara: The ‘yes’ and the ‘hell-fucking-no’

  • Yes: Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara ($7) – This stuff comes in a little purple bottle and more than pulls its weight. Though it promises to give you ‘big curls’, you will soon learn that this is sort of a practical joke: it will make your lashes long and jet-black….and that’s it. Since I have massive mongo-big eyelashes, ‘big and curly’ isn’t really a priority. That being said, it will stay put for three straight days without quitting (I Electric Zoo tested it ). You can probably withstand a bit of water spraying and heavy sweating without much of a problem, just don’t expect big Tommorrowland lashes. It will do its best for you.
  • HELL NO: Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume($15) – Ignoring for a second that the container for this is gaudy as all fuck…this mascara is BOMB if you need porn-star lashes for a short period of time. Where it succeeds is volume, curl, and length: this shit will make Jenna Jameson jealous. However, this stuff doesn’t put up much of a fight against sweat or water. One shot of a CO2 cannon and you’re down for the count (and will be a raccoon instantly). It would seem most standard Sephora products lack basic sweatproofing….so maybe avoid Sephora entirely for festivals (leave it to the girls who just go to hear Levels).


Now, I would suggest palettes and color sets…but honestly, most of what I use is from amazon and ebay buyers from weird locations….so if you are going to pick up just one shadow set in-person at a CVS or a Sephora…here’s what you should  snatch up and sneer at:


  • Snatch up: Kat von D – If you’re looking for the smoothest and most durable eyeshadow, snatch this! It’s pricey, and not all of the palettes lend themselves to raves…but these colors will hold their own in the middle of the crowd. Look for the True Romance,Candelabra, and Everlasting Love palette for the most rave-ready colors.
  • Snatch up: Urban Decay – If you are the kind of girl that claws her way to the front row and loves getting hit with a CO2 cannon, Urban Decay is YOUR SHIT. It won’t budge, it won’t dull, and best of all the payout in the neon shades is UNBEATABLE. Turn to the Ammo, Vice, & Book of Shadows,palette for the best shades to mix and match.
  • Sneer at: Claire’s  – Unless you plan on hiding behind the back of the crowd,…or if you got VIP tickets just so you could sit around and take selfies…avoid this. Though the colors may seem more ‘obvious’ for the venue, the durability will die out faster than’s credibility. There is weak color payout, abhorrent durability…and worst of all, Claire’s sells kandi…SELLS. But then, if you are wearing crap from Claire’s you probably bought kandi and are wearing their stupid fake rave gear too. 


I hope this helps going into festival season! You should melt faces, not makeup!


4 responses

  1. Gima Emery

    Thanks for the tips! Have never been but my husband is trying to break on to the EDM scene (The Viper aka James Emery). So I gotta show my support! What types of clothing does one wear (I am really new to all this shit)!?!? LOL!
    YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER BTW. Is this by any chance your career as well? If not and you really enjoy it-consider it. My husband and I both think you are good at it and both have experience dealing with writers (I was a news producer for a while).
    Anyway, thanks again for the tips! Take care!
    Gina Emery

    April 9, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    • Gina,

      Thank you so much for the kind words!! I’ve been following James’ work for a little while and he’s pretty talented! This actually isn’t my fulltime job 😦 I work in PR in the city and manage social media for different people and companies.

      It depends on comfort level honestly: the younger girls opt for tutus, leg wraps, furry boot covers called ‘fluffies’, and bikini-style bra-tops…

      But really the best thing to wear is something fun and comfortable: a bright tank top and breezy shorts that won’t stain easily might be your best bet if it’s your first time 🙂

      If you ever need any help with recommended rave wear / clothes let me know!

      I am planning on doing this as a segmented update leading up to festival season 😀

      again thank you!

      -The Hound

      April 9, 2013 at 4:14 pm

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