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Songs That Need A Break This Season

As we march steadily onward into full-blown festival season I feel that now more than ever we need to have a moment of intervention with DJs who will be gracing us with our presence.

From the house DJs to the trance legends, to the trap superstars and beyond (beyond being Major Lazer most likely) it is time to have an honest conversation about a topic near and dear to our hearts: songs that are overplayed and need a break.


We get it: that one club banger makes the girls wet, the bros chest-bump, and everyone go utterly batshit (or according to GQ, ‘apeshit’)….but I think its high time we gave some of these tracks a chance to catch their breath. From the classic tracks, to the new powerhouses, clear through to the ‘easy favorites’ (the Don’t Stop Believing of the EDM world) these are beloved songs that are becoming overused and painfully repeated. Remember when we loved Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake? Past tense: Loved.

Here is my list of ‘bangers and mash’ (club bangers, classic, and mashups) that need to go on vacation this season:

  1. Levels, Avicii. Oh, sometimes we get a good feeling; we get it. But Poor Etta James has got to be exhausted by now, and lord knows she break! As much as I love the ‘duh duh duh’ sequence and drunkenly yelling ‘OHHHHH SOMETIMES” I think its time this track was given a breather. And if we hear that Pauly D has abusively dropped this track again, we might cry.
  2. Cannonball, Showtek. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Cannonball; adore it in fact. However I have heard this track drop at least once every show….that has not been DJ’d by Showtek. I get that it’s a PERFECT segway into the rest of your set, that it offers that perfect taste of hardstyle….but please, I can’t beg enough..use it in moderation this season.
  3. Don’t You Worry Child, Swedish House Mafia. There was a time, when we loved when anyone dropped this song in any set ever. However with its vicious radio overplay, the sheer number of gratuitous dropping of this track across genres…I think its time that this track, like its iconic group, was laid to rest.
  4. Dear New York, Firebeatz. I know this is the perrrfect way to open up your New York set, I get it; it’s the perfect way to say “fuck yea New York” without taking your hands off your decks. Noted. Now please stop dropping it. We are already aware we are about to get wild. We’re even aware that you are dropping this exclusively because you are in New York, and it would sound silly dropped anywhere else. Why not try another ‘New York’ themed track?
  5. Somebody I Used to Know, Gotye. Now you’re just some track that we used to love. I get that it’s the perfect thing to mashup against anything and everything. It’s gritty, its emotional, its about being lonely and sad and unhappy….there are a plethora of other tracks with the same message that are dying for a chance to be mashed up and remixed. Let’s give Gotye a rest, shall we?

In addition to some songs we wish were given a break, there are also some songs that should outright not exist: they don’t offer much, they are musically dull, and they are in this author’s most humble opinion….total crap. I’m sorry if that offends you, but your music offends me. I understand that EDM appears to the outside eye to be a simple formula of ‘Oontz’, commercial backing, and drugs…but stop it. Just adding bass and synth to a crappy track will not propel it forward to a ‘good track’.

Without further ado here are some tracks that should be killed with fire:

  • #Thatpower, & Justin Bieber. First off, naming your song with a hashtags in hopes that it will make it trend more and propel it to commercial success is a hot crock of horseshit. Step away from the decks and do that thing you did with Black Eyed Peas and Usher respectively.
  • Scream and Shout, & Britney Spears (allegedly). If you have to remind us who we are rocking with, and your lyrics are little more than a joke…you should give up. Stop it. Put down the headphones, turn off your tables, and step away. You’re done.
  • Feel It, 3 6 Mafia & Tiesto. Ok I get it, this was supposed to be a cool introduction of edm to rap…but honestly…pretty weak. Come on Tiesto. Come on.

And finally some songs in particular order I’d LOVE to see integrated into set lists that I have not heard yet (btw, major kudos to Dash Berlin on using ‘Jar of Hearts’…well done sir):

  • Nocturnal Rainbows, Hopsin
  • Any of the ‘Ill Mind of Hopsin’ series, Hopsin
  • Good to Get Away, S/he
  • Thriftshop, Macklemore
  • Battle Scars, Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian
  • I Choose U, Timeflies
  • The Way, Ariana Grande & Mac Miller (I realize this one would be a tough one…but hey figure it out).
  • Radioactive, Imagine Dragons

Got any nominations of your own? Feel free to leave them in the comments!


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