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#Musicislife: Dash Berlin AC Recap

This weekend I was lucky enough to score a ticket to see Dash Berlin (again! DYING!) in Atlantic City’s Borgata Mixx nightclub. One thing I didn’t count on, was how I would react to the venue first and foremost.


Being more of a festival/rave girl, I’m not really a fan of the upscale frou-frou clubs where girls are expected to wear skimpy dresses and towering heels (in my sort-of ok floral dress and “blah-screw-you-Im-dancing” flats, I stood out). However despite hype I’ve heard about Borgata (as compared to its younger flashier neighbor Revel), Mixx nightclub was weirdly unimpressive in comparison: the VIP ‘tables’ on the floor were in odd locations, and little more than velvet rope to distinguish them from the main floor,…and had a few dispersed GoGos that didn’t look like they wanted to be there.

However once I got past the venue (and that took a while), I was able to appreciate what I was really there for: the music. The opening DJ, Carlos Melange, put forth a pretty solid set (although decidedly a bit odd to lead off for a Trance DJ) and had a great stage presence. Despite the fact the set came off as a bit odd for Dash Berlin (mind you, I was spoiled by Tyler Sherrit at the last show), it was decidedly much better than I was expecting:

What I expected:

  • At least one gratuitous drop of Levels
  • Abusive dropping of Cannonball
  • Abusive dropping of random club bangers your average Banker or suit-laden yuppie would know

What I got:

  • Solid mixing
  • Only one drop of Cannonball that I caught (and well after Dash Berlin’s set for the ‘regular club crowd’)
  • Only a select few bangers AFTER Dash Berlin had finished


Once Dash Berlin opened with a euphoric ‘Disarm Yourself’ it was like the best musical honeymoon I’ve had so far. Despite the fact I don’t recall him playing Apollo (and granted I may have missed it) he brought together an impressive mix of old favorites and new addictions. As with any of his shows, he was like a kid on Christmas through the entire set: he jumped off of tables, handed out signed records, threw bracelets, and smiled for the entire set. Even though I have no clue if he even made eye contact with me, the entire set felt like it was being played just for the front row who’d thrown elbows to be there, and encompassed everything from a well-mixed “I Don’t Care” , to the classic “Silence in Your Heart”, to a well introduced “Sandstorm” (seriously who doesn’t like Sandstorm?).


Only sweetening the night, I met up with RedLine Entertainment (and his gorgeous girlfriend) and even met a nice girl that let me take a picture of the record that was handed to her by Dash himself. Overall, the front row crowd was a solid group of weekend warriors that appeared to have braved Borgata solely for Dash Berlin, and varied immensely from the other patrons I saw leaving behind us: I recall a girl remarking that “the jumping guy was ok”. But then, despite all my preachings of PLUR, I can’t really take the word of a skinny girl who spent all night taking selfies with her bottle service bucket. Was it worth the trip down to AC to see Dash? Absolutely. Would I go to Mixx for any other DJ? Not likely.


4 responses

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the honest and not so brutal write up. There was a little more behind my opening set than you may have noticed. But I’ll take what I can get ; )
    If you’d like to come back down to AC. Be sure to let me know.


    April 2, 2013 at 3:46 am

    • Carlos,

      Gah!I’m sorry I didn’t want to be mean (I did arrive late because of traffic so I apologize if I missed some of it). I had never intended to be mean (now my Avicii post, I intended that to be mean). I’d love to come back to AC…I’m just really not a club girl so I’d have to think about it. You really did have a good set, and I’m glad I got a chance to see you 🙂

      April 2, 2013 at 9:02 am

      • No worries, it wasn’t mean at all. I like honesty. There’s a thought process and reasoning to opening the way I did, that most probably don’t realize or take into consideration. Maybe i’ll get to explain some time ; )…
        Going to read your Avicii post now actually lol.
        When you can, friend me on Facebook, Keep in touch.

        April 2, 2013 at 4:44 pm

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