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Avicii, Is That You?

After watching the Ultra Live stream, i was thrilled to see so many knock-out performances; between Dash Berlin killing it and W&W bringing an orgasm to every girl and boy’s pants….it was a spectacular show (did you see those lasers? Boner-inducing man). But there  was one moment that stood out from the rest. On perfectly accentuated moment in the show where the EDM community leaned in with anticipation…

And let out a collective,


And that moment darlings, was thanks to Avicii…a DJ whom I love dearly, respect a great deal, but genuinely don’t understand sometimes. One of those times was during his set. The build-up for Avicii was tremendous: there was an Avicii hotel (abound with many ‘levels’ of puns), there was the release of Nicky Romero vs Avicii ‘I Could Be The One’ (which was sexual and incredible), and there were even pictures of other DJs signifying their approval. What I was expecting was a complete boner and edmjaculation. What I got was the equivalent of a $5 blowjob from a dyslexic gogo dancer. I’m not a happy puppy.

Now I get that he was dropping his new album, and not everyone hops onto every new release buck-naked and enjoys the ride…but at Ultra perhaps I was expecting just a bit more (like expecting to seet NERVO’s set, which I never did 😦 ). The cross-overs seemed forced, the beatmatching seemed funky…and overall the set felt confused. The pro to the entire set was a lack of ‘hype man’ yelling shit randomly (AHEM MAJOR LAZER).

It might sound mean (and it is mean) but this was the worst set I’ve ever seen Avicii play (and thats ok, because I’ve only seem him over livestreams 2x and never in person….so im biased). That being said he did manage to nail just one track. Here is that track.

Don’t hate me too much.

~The Hound


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