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You’ve Got Me Cracking Up

I know Im super behind on this. Whatever. Sue me! Anyways if you were under a rock a few weeks and missed Dillon Francis’ new music video for ‘Bootleg Fireworks’ you are in for a special (extra trippy) treat:

90 babies (and viral video fans) rejoice! If you remember 1/3 of the shit that a giddy Dillon dances through in this video, then pat yourself on the back and whip out your old neon, jelly shoes, and pogs; this is a bit of a trip. Despite a past review of his concert (which admittedly was a little harsh) I’m glad to say what Dillon lacks in stage presence he more than makes up for in video quality and humor.

Where his previous have relied on more ‘traditional’ methods to be funny, this video is hysterical and had me ‘cracking up’. Enjoy!

~The Hound ❤


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