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Don’t Worry Child, You Are My Clarity

I’m not even going to bother with pictures. They don’t do a shit’s worth of justice.

So I had the pleasure of seeing Zedd (finally) at Webster Hall on Friday…and cannot begin to tell you how worth the wait it was. Between the incredible lights, vibe, and crowd, I have to say this has been my favorite concert all year (this is, taking into account the fact I will be seeing Swedish House Mafia tonight with one of my favorite followers on Twitter).

Despite a few tiny setbacks,…i.e. a fat drunk man taking me out, rolling a teensy bit hard and overheating in the crowd, and being a zombie for the next two days after…the night was well spent, and I felt alive.

Sadly, my phone and my body…and everything…were too sweaty to full capture the mood and the show.

Thankfully, I was able to find different angles of the show from the fabulous interwebs community of YouTube

It should be noted, that the next clip…made the night. I am quite confident I made out to this song, and still managed to sing every word into some unsuspecting person’s face.

This could only made better by:

I do plan to tweet live from Swedish House Mafia tonight alongside @Rave_the_world….its time to have #OneLastRelease ❤


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