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I Am Not Lady Casa, But There Should Be More Like Her

Edit; Out of respect, changing title to reflect current name

It’s not often that the people around you surprise you. I’ve been fairly new to this scene, and have even been shocked by how open and accepting the EDM community and PLUR believers have been to me; it’s genuinely shocking in this day and age.

Where those around me in other walks of life are still jaded with the negativity of what our society has aggressively forced us to accept as ‘realism’, the vibrant kandi-mask clad faces of my Twitter followers and newly made friends remind me that there is a generation that has managed to break free of this perpetuated defeatist nonsense.

Some may knock on familiar faces in the scene like Lady Casa for trying to break out and use EDM to platform ideals that are more complex than just feeling the music and embracing the scene, but in her creed of ‘namaste’ and unity of spirituality I see a glimmer of hope in the scene.

The stigma perpetuated by mainstream media would have us believe that raves, festivals, underground DJ sets, and DJs who do not occupy the top 40 on most radio stations preach a creed of drug addiction and social deviancy. Perhaps we need the ultra-spiritual faces of Lady Casa to combat this negative stereotype.

This will come off ranty and I apologize, but I think its high-time we took a moment to analyze what specifically about our scene makes it so deviant to the outside world.

  • Is it the costumes? They are simply a free expression of who we are in that moment.
  • Is it the kandi? These have been banned at some venues, but what is the harm?
  • Is it the glovers? Though they are often there to entertain the eyes of those rolling, no everyone who asks for a lightshow is on drugs.
  • Is it the drugs? Weed can be found at nearly all concerts, and molly has begun to appear at rap venues and even some rock venues as well; and even then, it’s not exclusive to edm…and edm does not exclusively promote it, nor should it be defined solely on one aspect.
  • Is it the message? Tell me, would you rather a message of ‘express yourself’ and ‘free your mind’ or a message of ‘fuck lots of women’ and ‘spend your money lavishly and foolishly’? The message behind most EDM songs are not extensively about degrading women and abusing alcohol.

As we move forward as one united family of like-minded individuals, I just wish we had more voices for this message of acceptance, and more receptive ears to combat the negative stigma prolifically injuring the EDM scene.

Im am not Lady Casa, nor would I ever dream to compare myself to her, but as RageHound I want to express my love for a scene that has chosen to love me, and my gratitude at their acceptance. I just wish this acceptance was more recognized by the masses.

That’s all.

~The Hound


Avicii, Is That You?

After watching the Ultra Live stream, i was thrilled to see so many knock-out performances; between Dash Berlin killing it and W&W bringing an orgasm to every girl and boy’s pants….it was a spectacular show (did you see those lasers? Boner-inducing man). But there  was one moment that stood out from the rest. On perfectly accentuated moment in the show where the EDM community leaned in with anticipation…

And let out a collective,


And that moment darlings, was thanks to Avicii…a DJ whom I love dearly, respect a great deal, but genuinely don’t understand sometimes. One of those times was during his set. The build-up for Avicii was tremendous: there was an Avicii hotel (abound with many ‘levels’ of puns), there was the release of Nicky Romero vs Avicii ‘I Could Be The One’ (which was sexual and incredible), and there were even pictures of other DJs signifying their approval. What I was expecting was a complete boner and edmjaculation. What I got was the equivalent of a $5 blowjob from a dyslexic gogo dancer. I’m not a happy puppy.

Now I get that he was dropping his new album, and not everyone hops onto every new release buck-naked and enjoys the ride…but at Ultra perhaps I was expecting just a bit more (like expecting to seet NERVO’s set, which I never did 😦 ). The cross-overs seemed forced, the beatmatching seemed funky…and overall the set felt confused. The pro to the entire set was a lack of ‘hype man’ yelling shit randomly (AHEM MAJOR LAZER).

It might sound mean (and it is mean) but this was the worst set I’ve ever seen Avicii play (and thats ok, because I’ve only seem him over livestreams 2x and never in person….so im biased). That being said he did manage to nail just one track. Here is that track.

Don’t hate me too much.

~The Hound

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ritmoDo you like salsa? Do you like hot and happening nights and need a break from your usual Thursday plans? This might be just for you! I know it might seem odd that I am promoting a Latin Night, but honestly, we all need to spice up our lives a little now and then…so add a little kick to your Thursday and enter!

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You’ve Got Me Cracking Up

I know Im super behind on this. Whatever. Sue me! Anyways if you were under a rock a few weeks and missed Dillon Francis’ new music video for ‘Bootleg Fireworks’ you are in for a special (extra trippy) treat:

90 babies (and viral video fans) rejoice! If you remember 1/3 of the shit that a giddy Dillon dances through in this video, then pat yourself on the back and whip out your old neon, jelly shoes, and pogs; this is a bit of a trip. Despite a past review of his concert (which admittedly was a little harsh) I’m glad to say what Dillon lacks in stage presence he more than makes up for in video quality and humor.

Where his previous have relied on more ‘traditional’ methods to be funny, this video is hysterical and had me ‘cracking up’. Enjoy!

~The Hound ❤

I Need Your Love (Ken Oshima Remix)

Recently, Ken Oshima released his remix of the popular Calvin Harris track ‘I Need Your Love’ featuring the vocals of Ellie Goulding.

The track is consistent with Oshima’s previous remixes of previous top tracks such as his ‘I Could Be the One’ by Nicky Romero and ‘You’re Gonna Love Again’ by NERVO (I am choosing to ignore the remix of ‘Scream & Shout‘…though admittedly he fixed its many flaws). His remix delivers strong electro sensibilities and is a solid danceable track (not that I would know, I’m no expert). Alongside his original work, this remix feels right at home and very approachable to new inductees to the EDM scene and ‘techno’ veterans alike. With his new track ‘Thunderbolt’ now available on Beatport, I’m very excited to see what he does next.

For this and more tracks you can visit his Beatport and Soundcloud

`The Hound ❤

2 Tickets to Zeds Dead!

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‘The Kandi Kids’; Fact vs. Fiction

A while back, someone who knew me from my dayjob (and not my nightlife) gave me their opinion and viewpoint as what they called the ‘typical kandi kids’.

They called them drug addicts, they called them deadbeats destined to wash up, and they called PLUR their way of ‘coping’ or perhaps even ‘legitimizing’ their ‘pointless’ lifestyle and unnecessary expenses. This someone said that his main reason for going to shows was just to hear the music, and that the crowd didn’t matter.


Unaware that I’ve coming to feel a resonance with the PLUR-practicing ‘kandi kids’, this person probably assumed (like most people) that I was the typical neon crop-top wearing 20-something who listened to David Guetta and Afrojack, went to festivals with a group of well-groomed bankers in tanks and pastel Dockers, and maybe had one or two ‘bracelets’ because I didn’t understand how trading worked or bought them from Claire’s or Hot Topic.

But, That’s Not Me

But to me, this demonstrates a fundamentally skewed and highly inaccurate portrayal of the scene. The fact of the matter is, yes some of us do drugs…but so do some of the banker-types in their neon frat-wear. Yes, some of the kandi-kids work ‘deadbeat’ jobs to make ends meet…but under some of the beaded masks, under the spirithoods, and wearing some of the LED gloves you also find PR professionals, artists, medical professionals, and yes, even some bankers. Similarly, some of the ‘well-to-do’ types that fist-pump and yell “RAAAGE!” randomly throughout DJ sets are also sometimes working deadbeat jobs, donning the frattier attire to attempt to blend in the more affluent banker-types. And that’s no reason to think of them as any less or better than the rest of the people enjoying the scene.

What PLUR Actually Is

One of the biggest reasons I love the PLUR-practicing community is, you can be that kandi-laden raver with FX contacts, body paint, fluffies, gloves…or just be some guy in a polo shirt and khaki shorts…and you will be treated with equal respect. Similarly, if you’ve only ever heard of David Guetta, and are at a festival to expand your understanding of the scene…the PLUR community will be all too excited to guide you to a stage playing Trance, or Trap, or anything that they think you might like. Hell, they’ll even let you listen to their iPod to help you figure it out sometimes. PLUR isn’t some generic cult that shoves molly down their throat to have a good time…and even those of us that do enjoy a roll here and there aren’t trying to ‘cope’ or ‘legitimizing’ our feelings for the music. In fact, some of us just add Molly sometimes…because we just want an extra kick, not unlike the fratty times that ‘pregame’ with gallons of dehydrating beer: at least we remember the experience we had, unlike the fratty mishaps that get wasted and carried off in stretchers at Festivals (though if that’s how you want to spend a festival, that is entirely your choice).

PLUR, is at its simplest core:

  • Peace; the peace of mind of being amongst like-minds. The peaceful vibes you get as you experience the lights, music, and raw energy of the crowd. The peace that comes as you lay your head to sleep after a good show and relive the memories in your dreams.
  • Love; a unified love of the music, of the crowd, of what is around you and who you can be for that moment in time. Love of who you are, and love of other people who are there for the same reason you are.
  • Unity; quite simply the unity you feel in that moment where you let the music move you. Where you can express yourself not as one person, but as one excited and tangible unit of people aligned in the same emotions.
  • Respect; the respect of those around you: if you need water, they will help you. If you need support, they will support you. In some cases, if you can’t see, they will lift you up so you can get a glimpse of your favorite DJ. They understand why you are here, and you respect the reasons they are there with you.

So perhaps if this person knew that I go to these shows wearing a bandana mask, trading kandi, and feeling a mutual love of those around me, they might think differently. But it’s not entirely their fault: if your sole reason for going to shows is to stand still and listen to the music, then stream it live from home or buy a VIP ticket. If you are so far-removed from the crowd and do no wish to interact with the ‘kandi kids’ because you find their unique expression juvenile or take joy in mocking it…just buy a VIP ticket and enjoy your VIP air-conditioned bathroom safely away from them.

But if you do nothing else, realize that the mainstream ‘stereotype’ you are associating with these individuals is inaccurate and unjustified. But because I believe in PLUR and I align with its message, instead of being mad that him for thinking this way, I will simply love and respect him, as I do all my friends.

Sorry for the mega-rant guys!

❤ Rage

Heaven’s Got A Plan For You

It’s rare that I’m pleasantly shocked.

But that’s exactly what happened: One follower offered me an impossible experience, one ticket to see Swedish House Mafia at their final debut at the Barclay’s Center. I’d never managed to see them before (cost and opportunity usually being deterring factors), and when one follower handed me a ticket and walked me into a sea of excited like-minded individuals, it was possibly the most succinct and tangible feeling of true ‘PLUR’ I’d experienced. I could aimlessly ramble about the electric emotion flowing through the stadium…or the fact that without speaking, the connection felt by everyone around…it was so strong, I opted not to even bother rolling…it just wasn’t even necessary. Instead, I want to give you a glimpse into one of the best experiences of my life:

May your day be full of love.

A Look Inside: Why Ragehound?

As I’ve gotten a chance to meet some of my followers, I’ve had reactions across the spectrum of “you’re exactly how I pictured you” to “Are you really Ragehound? I was expecting something totally different”.

I guess the easiest way to explain who I am on Twitter, is I am the person I always wanted to be growing up; fun-loving, free, completely fearless…offensive, and beautifully and fiercely loyal to my music and anyone who would follow me.

Ragehound is me, in a sense. It’s a side of me that I want to be at all times, but often can’t because of my job, my peers, sometimes even just societal constructs. Ragehound is as every bit real as she seems, and offline, I still embody the same traits if not very muted.

Why a hound? In a twittersphere of ‘bassbunnies’ and ‘trancekittens’ I suppose I wanted to throw away the shackles of ‘cute little raver girl’ and fully embrace my wildly exotic personality that had been cooped up in the name of career pursuits and ‘being good’ for the benefit of other people’s perceptions.

If that means throwing caution to the wind, being overtly sexual, embracing my inner stripper and painting my face like bizarre Picasso homage, so be it.

I’m free. Join me.

Don’t Worry Child, You Are My Clarity

I’m not even going to bother with pictures. They don’t do a shit’s worth of justice.

So I had the pleasure of seeing Zedd (finally) at Webster Hall on Friday…and cannot begin to tell you how worth the wait it was. Between the incredible lights, vibe, and crowd, I have to say this has been my favorite concert all year (this is, taking into account the fact I will be seeing Swedish House Mafia tonight with one of my favorite followers on Twitter).

Despite a few tiny setbacks,…i.e. a fat drunk man taking me out, rolling a teensy bit hard and overheating in the crowd, and being a zombie for the next two days after…the night was well spent, and I felt alive.

Sadly, my phone and my body…and everything…were too sweaty to full capture the mood and the show.

Thankfully, I was able to find different angles of the show from the fabulous interwebs community of YouTube

It should be noted, that the next clip…made the night. I am quite confident I made out to this song, and still managed to sing every word into some unsuspecting person’s face.

This could only made better by:

I do plan to tweet live from Swedish House Mafia tonight alongside @Rave_the_world….its time to have #OneLastRelease ❤