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Belated Updates

I love donning the furry hood and one-of-a-kind mask, but sometimes real life gets in the way.
Recently, it’s gotten in the way a lot.


But now that I’ve made it my bitch again, here’s whats been going on:

  • I ran a twitter giveaway for a pair of Deniz Koyu Generation Wild Rochelle, NJ tickets
  • I saw Deniz and Danny Avila at Webster Hall last night (and slowed my roll at around 5 this morning..Intense)
  • I made out with more girls that I can count on my paws
  • I met some AMAZING new peeps who live in the area and rave regularly
  • …I gave one birthday girl probably more PLUR than she was expecting (oops)
  • I made more kandi since I pretty much traded nearly all of mine for new singles (I looove teal and pink…but I needed to diversify my arms)
  • And got the unique satisfaction of seeing the reaction one person had to getting the ‘Sex and Drugs’ kandi

I would post pictures…but because Krillwashere shot some amazing angles (I was watching) I’m going to wait til those go up 🙂


Rave Well, My Friends!


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