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Kandi and Twitter

awesome kandi pic from Tumblr search

In recent weeks, I’ve come upon a phenomenon on Twitter that reminds me a lot of the PLUR community I’ve come to know and love. Most specifically, how followers on Twitter are acquired a lot like kandi at raves. Let me explain:

  • Unity and Respect are key. Like at a rave, kandi is treated as a symbolic gesture; you don’t just walk up and expect to get some…similarly you don’t demand kandi, and you don’t grovel for it either. Twitter followers function the same way: they are gained through a mutual respect and after expressions of love and unity among similar handles. Acquiring followers requires a type of ‘Raver’s Kiss’ that is less recognizable to non-PLUR practicers.
  • Being everyone’s friend doesn’t get you kandi off the bat. Following a ton of people in hopes of getting followed back doesn’t work. Just like handing out a lot of kandi doesn’t guarantee you lots of kandi in return, getting followers requires a more intimate discussion; maybe a few cracked jokes, concert pictures, even shoutouts….kandi and followers are highly valuable and to be treasured.
  • You can’t fake it and ‘make it’. Pretending to be a hotshot on Twitter is a lot like buying kandi at Hot Topic and trying to rapidly assimilate at a rave. People notice, and though PLUR communities don’t typically judge…it isn’t going to endear you as much as someone who’s just started going to raves. Admittedly, most of my time in high school was spent streaming major festivals like Tommorrowland, Identity, and Ultra…I didn’t get to rave amongst my peers until after college at Electric Zoo in 2012. If you’re new to the scene like me, own it; being a raver isn’t about ‘street cred’ its about respect (and peace, and love, and unity too).
  • Every kandi is a treasure. Just like you treasure every piece of kandi you ever receive, you should treat every follower like a rare gem (just like how you would treat your offline EDM family). Even if your follower with only 5 people following them shouts you out, reply back; they are precious, and should be treated as such.

As I continue to Tweet and interact with the community, I continue to notice more parallels….moral of the story? Treat your followers like you would your kandi, and spread PLUR in even more ways than you knew you could!


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