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Skrillex’s ‘Leaving’ EP: One Opinion

I recently gave Skrillex’s new EP a full 24 hours to marinate: I listened to it various times throughout the day, spent time focusing on each track on its own, and I’ll be honest I’m still not sure when I’m hearing.

  • The first track, ‘The Reason’ is somewhat promising…but unlike most of Skrillex’s work which I can clearly recognize…this track struck me as a bit murky for an otherwise highly recognizable DJ.
  • ‘Scary Bolly Dub’ appeared to just be a hyped Scary Monsters edit with some odd transitions.
  • The final track (and most vexing) was Leaving, a ‘future grunge’ offering which while a good ‘come down’ track for my rolling puppies…was the murkiest of the three…and left me feeling very confused. What I’m hoping, is if this is Skrillex’s next step to forging a new identity I can only hope he commits to it fully to help these track out of their muddled beginnings into the club-bangers his current set of hits have.

See what you think:


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