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Your Weekly DJ Cocktail

Hello puppies, So I decided on this lovely national holiday what better way to enjoy your day off from work (or get you through your unhappy workday) than to mix you a cocktail of fresh DJs and some sets you should sink your teeth into. So here we go, plug and play lovelies:

Disclaimer; I’m not a DJ. 

1. Vipermusic

I’m a huge sucker for remixes and vocal patterns. I like this one as a good starting off point in the cocktail because it’s still light enough that you can transition onto something harder after…or you can lighten up and it flows pretty nicely. If you like this kid’s stuff, tell him.

2. Redline Music

I’ll admit….he got to go second because it included Dada Life…I’m a sucker for feeding the Dada (I got my fix on NYE with Dada life…sooo). I just like that this mix takes a different approach to ‘Feed the Dada’ than most remixes. Like everyone else here, you likey? Tell him.

3. Roma Pafos

I needed one more remix, so here’s Roma Pafos’ Say Goodbye (Sensproof Remix). It’s light enough for my lazy state of mind but interesting enough to keep me going. See if you like it. If so, shout out to Russia.

4. Michael Simms-Alvarez

Admittedly, I needed something to mellow down into some electro…so this snippet from one of my followers seemed to do the trick. It’s got a nice treatment of NERVO and is just upbeat enough to use as a transition piece (Or I think so, what do I know?). If you like it tell him.


Couldn’t finish out your cocktail without some electro, so here’s one I like from DJ MFS. If you like it, cool.

You might have noticed I plugged a lot of DJs I follow…I figure if you’re just in the mood to blast some of the shit you already like you would already by doing that, I was just hoping to give you a dose of some new shit. In any case, enjoy you MLK Day!


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