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Dillon Francis Recap & Some Updates

So last night I saw Dillon Francis at Webster Hall in New York, and admittedly…I feel that the venue may have flavor some of my opinions of the show.


Starting off strong, Dillon’s set was very well-rounded and the set list was engaging…but it did feel like something was missing. Whether it was the crowded room, the more mixed crowd of fratties and kandi kids (albeit there were less than im used to seeing), or maybe even the stage set up….this show felt less about fans than it did about record promotion.

Also….there were girls recording video on ipads….


And I’m sorry, I love a good witty DJ as much as the next person…and don’t get me wrong, I love Dillon Francis….but it just felt less intimate…and less personal. That being said, I have been to big venues and seen more ‘for the fans’ productions: NERVO and Krewella at Electric Zoo for example put on performances that felt more personalized for the fans that had come out to see them…whereas last night…I guess I just felt like it could have been any DJ spinning Dillon Francis tracks.

Now despite all that, I had a total blast because intimate or not, Dillon puts on a phenomenal show. I was senselessly booty-bouncing with strangers, pawing at people like a lunatic, and overall just getting wild (only happens for certain DJs). I got to meet some of my Twitter followers and even got some new kandi, and overall I had a total blast.

I will be posting up some soundcloud tracks for some artists that you should check out pretty soon, so stay tuned!


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