Prowling the Airwaves and the Underground for the best in EDM

She Goes By ‘RageHound’

Hello there, you may be wondering who on earth I am, and why the hell I call myself ‘RageHound’.

It all started a while back when I started going to concerts, raves, and even streaming sets from any DJ I could find to satisfy an insatiable craving I had for bass. I am not a seasoned veteran, and my arms are bare compared to many of my kandi-clad comrades. But don’t be mistaken, I am well qualified to speak about raging. 

On this blog, I will blog about EDM and EDM only. You won’t see my face, you won’t know my name, but I will shower you in musical love as best I can. I’ll put up youtube clips, I’ll share great music from SoundCloud.

Best of all, I will show you life through the eyes of a RageHound; impossible concert shots, moments in time that you wish you could just go back and live over again. I will post clips from past shows, pictures, and if I get to meet a DJ I promise I’ll ask them the questions burning on your tongue.

Sure, you’ll see my outlandish costumes and come to recognize my mask at shows, but all I ask is to be respectful of the hound; don’t grab at my mask and don’t reveal my identity.


The Hound


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