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Recap of Dash Berlin & Dillon Francis Pre-Game

Naturally, I’m off to dance in my underwear at Webster Hall with Dillon Francis, but before I leave you with some music to prep for the night, a quick recap on Dash Berlin at Soundgarden Hall:


Probably one of my favorite DJs I’ve gotten to see, Dash was incredible and you could tell that he loves every minute of every set he plays. From the ‘peek-a-boo’ jump at the drop in ‘Silence in Your Heart’ to his constant crowd participation he proved he was more than just a ‘good DJ’ but a true entertainer. Soundgarden Hall was a great venue, (and apart from the occasional overly-bro kid that would shove you away from the front row or stand directly in front of you) it made for a great performance. Dash not only handed out waters, traded kandi, he even took the time to look everyone in the front row in the eye.

As promised to my followers on Twitter, I will be creating a swaggy graphic for Dillon after the concert, and will try and pop up some pix of great ragers I meet there. Until then, here is a great pre-gaming song to warm you up for tonight:



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