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Show Me Your Rage; Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Giveaway!


Hello Californian lovelies! To kick off contest season, I’m giving away 2 tickets to Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano for their 2/8 show at Sutra!

What do you have to do?

Show me your ‘Rage Face’

1. Take a picture of you in FULL rave apparel (fluffies, neon, whatever you is your vibe). Show me your best ‘rage face’ (open to interpretation) either alone, with a friend, or from a show.

2. To enter, you need to ‘like’ me on Facebook first (sowee it makes it easier for me to keep track)

3. Click Here to enter 🙂


To get you PUMPED here is a clip from DJsounds Show 2012!


Kandi and Twitter

awesome kandi pic from Tumblr search

In recent weeks, I’ve come upon a phenomenon on Twitter that reminds me a lot of the PLUR community I’ve come to know and love. Most specifically, how followers on Twitter are acquired a lot like kandi at raves. Let me explain:

  • Unity and Respect are key. Like at a rave, kandi is treated as a symbolic gesture; you don’t just walk up and expect to get some…similarly you don’t demand kandi, and you don’t grovel for it either. Twitter followers function the same way: they are gained through a mutual respect and after expressions of love and unity among similar handles. Acquiring followers requires a type of ‘Raver’s Kiss’ that is less recognizable to non-PLUR practicers.
  • Being everyone’s friend doesn’t get you kandi off the bat. Following a ton of people in hopes of getting followed back doesn’t work. Just like handing out a lot of kandi doesn’t guarantee you lots of kandi in return, getting followers requires a more intimate discussion; maybe a few cracked jokes, concert pictures, even shoutouts….kandi and followers are highly valuable and to be treasured.
  • You can’t fake it and ‘make it’. Pretending to be a hotshot on Twitter is a lot like buying kandi at Hot Topic and trying to rapidly assimilate at a rave. People notice, and though PLUR communities don’t typically judge…it isn’t going to endear you as much as someone who’s just started going to raves. Admittedly, most of my time in high school was spent streaming major festivals like Tommorrowland, Identity, and Ultra…I didn’t get to rave amongst my peers until after college at Electric Zoo in 2012. If you’re new to the scene like me, own it; being a raver isn’t about ‘street cred’ its about respect (and peace, and love, and unity too).
  • Every kandi is a treasure. Just like you treasure every piece of kandi you ever receive, you should treat every follower like a rare gem (just like how you would treat your offline EDM family). Even if your follower with only 5 people following them shouts you out, reply back; they are precious, and should be treated as such.

As I continue to Tweet and interact with the community, I continue to notice more parallels….moral of the story? Treat your followers like you would your kandi, and spread PLUR in even more ways than you knew you could!

Skrillex’s ‘Leaving’ EP: One Opinion

I recently gave Skrillex’s new EP a full 24 hours to marinate: I listened to it various times throughout the day, spent time focusing on each track on its own, and I’ll be honest I’m still not sure when I’m hearing.

  • The first track, ‘The Reason’ is somewhat promising…but unlike most of Skrillex’s work which I can clearly recognize…this track struck me as a bit murky for an otherwise highly recognizable DJ.
  • ‘Scary Bolly Dub’ appeared to just be a hyped Scary Monsters edit with some odd transitions.
  • The final track (and most vexing) was Leaving, a ‘future grunge’ offering which while a good ‘come down’ track for my rolling puppies…was the murkiest of the three…and left me feeling very confused. What I’m hoping, is if this is Skrillex’s next step to forging a new identity I can only hope he commits to it fully to help these track out of their muddled beginnings into the club-bangers his current set of hits have.

See what you think:

Acoustic Appreciation Day

If you only listen to one acoustic track today, please lord make room for Matthew Koma. Between ‘Years’ and ‘Spectrum’ I cannot decide which gave me a harder lady-boner, and frankly I don’t care. His voice seems to do what John Mayer’s can’t while out-sexing Maroon 5’s Adam Levine’s best attempts at being sexual. I’m not paid to endorse his indulgent sexiness, I’m just giving you an early valentines day present….and I sincerely assert I will be getting my ‘present’ on Valentines to the sound of this man’s voice. I went there. Ragehound out.


Your Weekly DJ Cocktail

Hello puppies, So I decided on this lovely national holiday what better way to enjoy your day off from work (or get you through your unhappy workday) than to mix you a cocktail of fresh DJs and some sets you should sink your teeth into. So here we go, plug and play lovelies:

Disclaimer; I’m not a DJ. 

1. Vipermusic

I’m a huge sucker for remixes and vocal patterns. I like this one as a good starting off point in the cocktail because it’s still light enough that you can transition onto something harder after…or you can lighten up and it flows pretty nicely. If you like this kid’s stuff, tell him.

2. Redline Music

I’ll admit….he got to go second because it included Dada Life…I’m a sucker for feeding the Dada (I got my fix on NYE with Dada life…sooo). I just like that this mix takes a different approach to ‘Feed the Dada’ than most remixes. Like everyone else here, you likey? Tell him.

3. Roma Pafos

I needed one more remix, so here’s Roma Pafos’ Say Goodbye (Sensproof Remix). It’s light enough for my lazy state of mind but interesting enough to keep me going. See if you like it. If so, shout out to Russia.

4. Michael Simms-Alvarez

Admittedly, I needed something to mellow down into some electro…so this snippet from one of my followers seemed to do the trick. It’s got a nice treatment of NERVO and is just upbeat enough to use as a transition piece (Or I think so, what do I know?). If you like it tell him.


Couldn’t finish out your cocktail without some electro, so here’s one I like from DJ MFS. If you like it, cool.

You might have noticed I plugged a lot of DJs I follow…I figure if you’re just in the mood to blast some of the shit you already like you would already by doing that, I was just hoping to give you a dose of some new shit. In any case, enjoy you MLK Day!

Dillon Francis Recap & Some Updates

So last night I saw Dillon Francis at Webster Hall in New York, and admittedly…I feel that the venue may have flavor some of my opinions of the show.


Starting off strong, Dillon’s set was very well-rounded and the set list was engaging…but it did feel like something was missing. Whether it was the crowded room, the more mixed crowd of fratties and kandi kids (albeit there were less than im used to seeing), or maybe even the stage set up….this show felt less about fans than it did about record promotion.

Also….there were girls recording video on ipads….


And I’m sorry, I love a good witty DJ as much as the next person…and don’t get me wrong, I love Dillon Francis….but it just felt less intimate…and less personal. That being said, I have been to big venues and seen more ‘for the fans’ productions: NERVO and Krewella at Electric Zoo for example put on performances that felt more personalized for the fans that had come out to see them…whereas last night…I guess I just felt like it could have been any DJ spinning Dillon Francis tracks.

Now despite all that, I had a total blast because intimate or not, Dillon puts on a phenomenal show. I was senselessly booty-bouncing with strangers, pawing at people like a lunatic, and overall just getting wild (only happens for certain DJs). I got to meet some of my Twitter followers and even got some new kandi, and overall I had a total blast.

I will be posting up some soundcloud tracks for some artists that you should check out pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Recap of Dash Berlin & Dillon Francis Pre-Game

Naturally, I’m off to dance in my underwear at Webster Hall with Dillon Francis, but before I leave you with some music to prep for the night, a quick recap on Dash Berlin at Soundgarden Hall:


Probably one of my favorite DJs I’ve gotten to see, Dash was incredible and you could tell that he loves every minute of every set he plays. From the ‘peek-a-boo’ jump at the drop in ‘Silence in Your Heart’ to his constant crowd participation he proved he was more than just a ‘good DJ’ but a true entertainer. Soundgarden Hall was a great venue, (and apart from the occasional overly-bro kid that would shove you away from the front row or stand directly in front of you) it made for a great performance. Dash not only handed out waters, traded kandi, he even took the time to look everyone in the front row in the eye.

As promised to my followers on Twitter, I will be creating a swaggy graphic for Dillon after the concert, and will try and pop up some pix of great ragers I meet there. Until then, here is a great pre-gaming song to warm you up for tonight:


She Goes By ‘RageHound’

Hello there, you may be wondering who on earth I am, and why the hell I call myself ‘RageHound’.

It all started a while back when I started going to concerts, raves, and even streaming sets from any DJ I could find to satisfy an insatiable craving I had for bass. I am not a seasoned veteran, and my arms are bare compared to many of my kandi-clad comrades. But don’t be mistaken, I am well qualified to speak about raging. 

On this blog, I will blog about EDM and EDM only. You won’t see my face, you won’t know my name, but I will shower you in musical love as best I can. I’ll put up youtube clips, I’ll share great music from SoundCloud.

Best of all, I will show you life through the eyes of a RageHound; impossible concert shots, moments in time that you wish you could just go back and live over again. I will post clips from past shows, pictures, and if I get to meet a DJ I promise I’ll ask them the questions burning on your tongue.

Sure, you’ll see my outlandish costumes and come to recognize my mask at shows, but all I ask is to be respectful of the hound; don’t grab at my mask and don’t reveal my identity.


The Hound